Netgear WGR614 Wireless-G Router launched in India

Netgear WGR614 Wireless-G Router

Netgear Technologies launches WGR614 Wireless-G router in the India market. The new router delivers excellent performance with dual antenna allowing users to surf Internet, e-mail and online chat without interruption.

Moreover, it is a secure way to share high-speed Internet connection across 5-10 users, offering speed of 54Mbps and supports 802.11g protocol.

The WGR614 router is equipped with configurable 4-ports for private networks and public hotspots. For maintaining security the router has an inbuilt double firewall protection.

Features of the WGR614 are an interface of Internet/WAN: 10/100 Mbps (auto-sensing) Ethernet, RJ-45 and LAN: 4 ports 10/100 Mbps (auto-sensing) Ethernet, RJ-45 with Firewall having Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), DoS Attack Protection.

The device weighs 0.26 kg and has encryption of 40-bit (also called 64-bit), 128-bit and 152-bit (802.11g only) WEP encryption, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) with 2 dBi Antenna and 12.0 VDC, 1.0 A power adapter.

The WGR614 Wireless-G router is compatible with most of the computers including Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 98, Me, Mac OS, NetWare, UNIX or Linux.

Atul Jain who is the country manager of Netgear Technologies India and SAARC said, “With the too much pressure from real estate pricing, there has been endeavours from all the quarters in the industry, the NETGEAR WGR614 will surely help you to be flexible in terms of physical presence in the office. Secondly, the user is free from the messy wiring. And thirdly, you enjoy a very good speed up to 54Mbps. So, combination of all these three things can increase the productivity of the users, mobility with home/office yet accessing e-mail/Internet seamlessly, accommodate more seats.”

Rashi Peripherals and Cyberstar Infocom are the authorized distributors for Netgear WGR614 Wireless-G router and will be available in India at Rs 2149 with two years warranty.

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  1. N.G.Venkatesha


    I am using Netgear wireless router in India (Purchased in UK) with BSNL broadband connection. I will have the connection and every thing is fine. But some time the connection will get cut and I will not be able to browse or check mails or download things properly. There is a known issue with netgear router. The IP address provided by the service provider should be static. Otherwise we will have problem in using netgear router. So in there web site they have given the solution as – We have to ask our service provider for static IP address. But here in BSNL we will not get static IP address. Now my router is not at all working. Service provider is advicing us to reset the router and configure it again. But if I have to do the same thing when ever I get problems, it is a tedious job. So request you to provide with a paremanent solution for the same and oblige.

    Thanks & with best regards,

  2. Blake


    I installed the router under a BSNL connection and is working very well. This router and the interface is pretty easy to install. However, the connection will drop if there are other devices operating at the same frequency. That happens with other routers as well.



  3. dass

    Can you let me know where i can purchase this product in bangalore?

  4. Neeraj

    Working fine with my BSNL broadband. I got it from SP Road Bangalore last
    week for around Rs1700 including tax. It is available from almost all computer hardware shops.

    – Neeraj

  5. Manuel D'Abrew

    I purchased the product in Jan 08 here in Bombay. I have the same problem as mr. N.G.Venkatesha. The connection gets cut off at times. so it is difficult to have a continous connection. Dont know why. My service provider said I have to either download a updated software or keep re-settting my router. Its not working now… Please provide a solution.

  6. Suhas

    Dear Sir,
    (1) I have a Tata VSNL WiMax connection in Bangalore and I want to connect it to a wireless router which can cover my two flats (Flats are identical, one over the other i.e. ground floor and first floor) and I want our family members to connect to internet wirelessly using their laptops. Each flat is three bedroom and area of each flat is about 1800 Sq Ft.
    (2) Can some one suggest which router should I buy. Somebody has suggested WGR 416 but I guess the basic model can not cover more than 10 feet. Are there some versions of WGR416 which can give the range I want. And where can I get it. Thank you

  7. milind sahastrabuddhe

    Hi the problem u are facing is intermittetn connection issue well the router may not be the reason first check the frequency of the modem also do u face this problem thruout the day or specific time also uninstall and reinstall the netgear software

  8. Morf

    Try reducing the speed, do you see this when there is too many packtes flowing through the network?


    Hello i am interested to buy a wireless router which can cover a duplex bugalow.Can anyone suggest me which company router i should buy and what should be its range.I would be very grateful.

    thank you

  10. Biplab Ganguly

    I am interested to buy a wireless router. PLZ. tell me difference between wireless router abd access point.

  11. Srikanth

    Hello – I have Netgear WGR614 v7 wireless router with me. But, I lost the power adapter. Where can I buy? I am in Bangalore right now. Please help.

  12. Rahul

    Hi, I am in Delhi and I would like to know the average price at which I can purchase Netgear WGR-614 router. I would most probably look at Nehru place market but before that if someone may give me an idea of the price it is available at, these days. Anybody?

  13. amit rangari

    I have a picular problem.

    1. i have two laptops, say A and B.
    2. I have BSNL broadband, with Huwai modem.
    3. I bought NetGear wireless router. (WGR614 v7)

    Connections is as below:

    huwai modem output –> netgear –> two cables, 1 connected to laptop A and other to laptop B

    4. Now I can browse useing laptop A (this message for example)
    5. Hoever I CAN NOT browse using laptop B.
    6. Laptop B can ping huwai modem, netgear router, external world like yahoo, gmail. I could also connect to and access the shell without any issue.

    7. However i could not get any page displayed, example

    8. As soon as i connect laptop B directly to huwai modem, I get all the pages.

    9. my huwai modem has dhcp enabled and so the netgear router.

    please help…

  14. vybhav

    I have a WGR614 router. Sometimes the connection gets disconnected. Do you have any solution for this problem.

  15. George Moshi

    Hi amit.,

    It appears that the problem could be something related to the ip address conflict between the modem and the router.

    Probably you could try fixing the issue by disabling the dhcp in you router., which means you will be getting the ip address for the laptops from the modem.The router will act just as an access point.

    Give it a shot and i hope it will help you.

  16. Saurabh Srivastava

    Hi amit,

    as you say that u can ping websites after connecting your Laptop to netgear router then you will be able to access webpages for sure…
    You can probably try this command utility on command prompt once you are connected…


    You can also try to disable the firewalls as this can also be the problem. The final resolution will be to reinstall TCP/IP



  18. Dinesh


    I have an internet connection from Sify and they gave me a static IP address. I want to connect 4 systems parallely so they can access internet all at the same time. How do I go about my networking?


  19. Santosh


    I have a question. I need to use wifi in my iPod Touch. Can I do it using this Netgear Wireless Router(WGR614)?

    I believe, not many have tried this.

    Please advice.


  20. Rohit Rathi

    Santosh…i regularly use my ipod touch wifi with the wgr614 router…its easy…

  21. Gaurav

    Hi I have got a Netgear wireless supplied by Sky in UK. I got that in India and trying to configure for BSNL Broadband connection but no luck.
    Can somebody please advice how it can be configured and used in India.

  22. dipanshu

    i have bsnl broadband connection with ZTE modem, which is connect to 8 port hub and my laptop is connected it with a lan cable, i wants to go for wi fi ,, it is posible to plug the lan cable in wi fi router and access net………

  23. Ravi kaneri

    please tell me how can i assign the limitation and block the different users ip for the http service.
    some one tell me http service can survive with help of proxy please tell me some thing about it

  24. LOVISH

    i am having airtel broadband connection at my home and having a wired adsl 2+ router provided by airtel itself , now i wish to use a wifi modem , so can anyone tell me that whether NETGEAR WGR 614 will work with airtel or not, plzzz

  25. ayush

    i have a tata photon connection with me and want suggestions for routers so that i can use my photon as a wi fi for more than one system

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