Transcend and Trend Micro unveil JetFlash V15 Antivirus USB Flash Drive in India

Transcend JetFlash V15

Transcend and Trend Micro have come together to launch an Antivirus USB flash drive called JetFlash V15. The JetFlash V15 is claimed to be India’s first ever flash drive with antivirus. This amalgamation of Transcend hardware and Trend Micro software is said to provide users with a power-packed performance.

JetFlash V15 users can store their valuable data more securely. Now-a-days, most businesses are conducted online and involve the usage of external drives. The JetFlash V15 will assist them by ensuring safer data transfers.

Austin Huang, Regional Head – Sales, SAARC & APAC, Transcend, said, “USB Flash Drives are immensely popular in India. Equally prevalent are the threats from autorun malware being spread through malicious websites across the World Wide Web. Considering that a majority of computer users in India have little or no awareness about and protection against these threats, our new JetFlash V15 USB Drives preloaded with advanced Trend Micro USB Security software will prove to be a boon to our customers.”

The drive bundles up Trend Micro USB Security that protects the data stored on the drive from Autorun malware. This malware is said to infect file transferred using detachable drives. The drive also offers a 90-day trial version of this software. The software has an easy-to-use interface and hassle-free one-step activation system. The drive protects the data right from the start by isolating the infected files.

“Our USB Security software paired with Transcend’s USB flash drive makes it easy for consumers to add another layer of powerful protection against Internet threats and viruses that could harm their irreplaceable data and files,” said Carol Carpenter, vice president of consumer marketing, Tren Micro, Inc. “We’re pleased to be able to team with Transcend in delivering smart, easy-to-use security so consumers can enjoy online activities with peace of mind.”

When connected to the Internet, this drive downloads and installs the latest security updates. This enables users to freely download and store data on their drive without worrying about data tampering.

Steve Chang, Vice President, Transcend Information Inc. said, “This is an exciting partnership that ultimately improves the lives of portable storage users by giving them the convenience of storing anything on their JetFlash USB flash drive with confidence that their files are safe from harmful viruses.”

The JetFlash V15 features a retractable USB connector that also provides a solution to the problem of losing USB covers. The drive features a lock switch that protects the drive during transportation. The glossy design of the drive includes a handy hook that assists in easily removing the drive from the connector and also prevents accidental loss of the drive.

The Transcend JetFlash V15 will be available for purchase through Redington, Supertron, Mediaman and Luminous Technologies at a price of Rs. 1500 for the 4GB drive and Rs. 2900 for the 8GB one, it comes with a three year warranty.

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