18 Carat Gold iPod Shuffle Unveiled

iPod Shuffle in Gold

iPod is one of the most talked, most discussed gadget in the history of consumer products, and now this MP3 player is once again in the news for becoming much more expensive than what it previously was. Well, a company called Xexoo, which make a number of Apple products and accessories is offering an iPod shuffle made of gold.

The new gold iPod shuffle’s body is made of 18 carat gold. It works in the same way as a normal iPod shuffle, but is expected to be less resistant to scratches.

Moreover, the company packs the shuffle in a beautiful looking wooden box. Xexoo also has assured to provide 24/7 service, if needed.

The gold iPod shuffle price tag of $10,000 (approx 403,294 INR). Looking at the price it is confirmed that this is a very high end luxurious product, which is not meant for the common man for sure.

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