Apricorn Aegis Padlock Pro introduced

Aegis Padlock Pro Apricorn now puts forth the Aegis Padlock Pro which is the latest addition to the Apricorn suite of hardware encrypted portable drives. The Padlock Pro has been attributed with the latest in speed and security, with speedy eSATA and USB interface, 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption and secure PIN access.

Offering storage capacity of up to 640GB, the Padlock Pro ensures compatibility with standard eSATA, traditional USB and also the latest eSATA / USB Combo port. The Aegis Padlock Pro comes with support for eSATA data transfer speeds of up to 90 MB/s (traditional hard drive) and over 219 MB/s (Solid State version).

“Not only do employees in healthcare, finance and government need to protect sensitive data in order to meet compliance regulations like HIPAA, SOX and PCI, but so do the telecommuters and business traveler in all industries,” said Mike McCandless, Apricorn’s VP Sales and Marketing. “The Aegis Padlock Pro gives users the ability to safely transport data and add more secure capacity to their systems while harnessing the speeds that eSATA provides.”

The eSATA data transfer rates are up to seven times faster compared to the traditional USB 2.0 drives while the Padlock Pro’s superfast performance enables transfer of larger files and also a quicker backup. Sporting an easy-to-use keypad design and software free setup, the Aegis Padlock has a unique PIN. Further, the real-time 256-bit hardware encryption safeguards the data. Moreover, the Padlock’s Administrator Feature ensures enrollment of up to ten unique user IDs and one administrator. The robust design provides shock-mounted hard drive alongside utmost durability and speed. It is compatible with all operating systems which include Windows, Mac and Linux.

Backed by a three year warranty, the Apricorn Aegis Padlock Pro is available through online retailers and at apricorn.com/PadlockPro. The 250GB, 500GB and 640GB regular hard drive versions are priced at $129 (approx Rs. 5,818), $169 (approx Rs. 7,622) and $199 (approx Rs. 8,975) while the 128GB and 256GB solid state versions are priced at $419 (approx Rs. 18,895) and $799 (approx Rs. 36,031), respectively.

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