HiPhone F320, phone with a rotary dial

HiPhone F320 Handset

Well, the iPhone clone is back but with a twist. This time the clone resembles the iPod nano and not the iPhone. Called the HiPhone F320, this handset flaunts a dial that resembles the traditional rotary dial. This new HiPhone claims to incorporate the best features of both the MP3 and the phone.

The highlight of this iPod nano look-alike is the traditional rotary dial that adorns its visage. Sadly, the numerical keys are push buttons and not the rotary style keys. The handset supports quadband GSM. The 2.6-inch touchscreen displays images in bright and vivid colors.

The 1.3 megapixel camera of the F320 is also capable of recording videos. The phone is capable of playing back MP4 as well as MP3 files. The company also throws in support for Bluetooth and a FM tuner. Apparently, the HiPhone measures 100mm x 49mm x 7mm and weighs approximately 97grams.

The pricing and availability details of the HiPhone F320 are still under wraps. Well, the HiPhone may turn out be a good gifting option if it is made available with a competitive price tag.

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