Spice D-88 and D-80 Dual Mode Handsets announced in India


Spice Dual Mode Handsets Yesterday, Spice Mobile launched dual-mode handsets, the D-88 and the D-80 that supports both GSM as well CDMA based mobile connections.

The innovative feature about the new D-88 phone is that it supports GSM and CDMA active connections at the same time. On the other hand the D-80 supports two GSM active connections. Thus, this phone is suitable for travelers operating in the local area.

“The new phone is targeted to all who have two cell phone numbers and have been looking for a convenience of carrying just one phone, we are targetting mainly the consumers of town and rural areas. By 2010, our target in the market share will surge to 10 per cent,” Kunal Ahooja CEO, Spice Mobile Ltd.

Spice has also announced to launch a “people’s phone” to cost less than Rs 1,000. Spice would start manufacturing these low-cost handsets by 2008.

The D-80 handset will be available in the Indian market at Rs. 9,849/-, while the price of the D-88 has not been announced yet.

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    i am presently having two handsets, one airtel and second reliance.
    i am interested in dual mode handsets.

  2. rohit mehlawat

    i am presently having two handsets, one airtel and second reliance.
    i am interested in dual mode handsets.

  3. Arif Tanwar

    i have 2 handset at present 1 is airtel & another is relaince…so iheard of Spice D-80 whic has both the facilty so i would be interested so kindly send me the more detail of spice D-80 how it works…& from where to purchased this handset…
    Thanking You


    We are going for a corporate plan (CUG) with Reliance, But everybody having their GSM phones & it is difficult to carry two handsets.
    I recently know that Spice has launched dual mode phone i.e. CDMA & GSM,
    kindly give me more information about so that we can go for CUG.

  5. amshivakumar

    I need a detailed information about spice D-80 dual handset

  6. DR .LAIJI

    i want to purchase d88 in kerala i have reliance &bsnl connections . also i am interested in dealership of the same

  7. pankaj gupta

    hello I’m interested in dealership of these mobile hand set in punjab/chandigarh region. plz mail me the detail all of that at my mail id:- pankajguptachd@gmail.com

    wait 4 u noble reply

    With warm Regard
    Pankaj gupta

  8. Rajesh Kumar

    i have heard that while talking on one connection it gets terminated as there is a new call on other connection. Please Guide me. I also Want a dealer ship.

  9. AMIT J

    amit here ,
    will u pleas send me all information about this product
    pleas send me avibility of all this kind of duo phons.
    is in all in one?

  10. trips

    please send me the details of the dual sim mobiles as soon as possible

  11. Tarkeshwar

    Please give me the product specification about D-80.Can it work with any GSM service provider?

  12. Sushil Kumar Tyagi

    Pls send me the detail of D-88 & D-80 both.

    Sushil Kumar Tyagi

  13. Rajesh Khilari

    Not a single query seems to have been replied here. No where are the specifications and features about D-80 and D-88 given.

  14. ashish

    i have airtel and hutch connections. can i use both at a time in a single cell? send me mobile specifications with price.

  15. Sardar

    I want to know hw the calls will be made & hw u wl cm to know from which (CDMA/GSM) calls are been made. Tracking outgoings.

  16. Tushar Ranjan Jana

    pls send me the detail of D-80 & D-88 both.

    Tushar Ranjan Jana

  17. paresh

    i am having 2 phone one of bpl(GSM) and other of reliance(CDMA) can it work on both simultaneously send me detail litrature and price

  18. Naresh Khubani

    Have a reliance CDMA phone & would like to opt for Airtel GSM too. Is the Spice D88 compatible with both.
    Where can we have demonstration in Pune ??

  19. Vishal

    I m interested in buying D88, since I currently have Reliance connection, please tell me whether it will be supported by reliance or not and from where I can buy this handset?


    i have two handset one is BSNL and RELIANCE. i am intrested to purchase SPICE 80 handset. we require three handset at a time . please inform rates.

  21. Mangesh Badhe

    We have run D 80 model with same time. pl. give reply and send Photo of D 80 model.

  22. umesh dasur

    I m using indicom network which supports only cdma phones but some time i require gsm phones to use other network its very difficult for me to use both the connections ,I m in need of a handset which fulfill my demand so pl send the details of the phone .

    Thak you

  23. KAILAS

    i am using garuda cdma and gsm. will it possble to use guruda and gsm in your dual mobile

  24. KAILAS

    i am using garuda cdma and airtel gsm,is it possible to use garuda cdma and any gsm on your D – 88 mobile

  25. Mangesh Badhe

    We have required your Spice D 80 for GSM+GSM , We have run the Hutch GSM & Idea GSM in same time. Please give reply also send product information. We have wait your reply.

  26. shrinivas

    i am interested in dual mode mobile phone which can be used for GPRS also.

    either i will use one GSM & one CDMA or both GSM.

    Pl suggest me the best.

  27. Yogesh Kumar

    I have TATA Indicom CDMA and an Airtel GSM connection. Can The New Duo phone will suit my needs ?

  28. iaslak

    pls send me details regarding Spice D-88 and D-80 Dual Mode Handsets. (cost, availability,

  29. Eapen Thomas

    Do you have a dealer for Spice mobiles in Kerala? If so can I have their address and phone numbers please?

  30. Mukesh

    I m using reliance sim network which supports only cdma phones but some time i require gsm phones to use other network its very difficult for me to use both the connections ,I m in need of a handset which fulfill my demand so pl send the details of the phone .

    Thak you

  31. Samarjit Choudhury

    Dear Sir,
    I wnat to purchase d80 and want to use bsnl and aircel sim in silchar, assam. Is it possible?

  32. dhaval

    hello i have 2 connection tata and hutch. iam interested in the product ..
    i just want to know will this handset work at the same time which is very imp. for me plz reply me …..i dont want a handset in which only one connection will work at a time …
    plz relpy
    thank you

  33. Balakrishnan

    Hai all
    This reply is for all of you. Spice d88 is available in Bangalore and other major cities. Phone is working fine. No worry. No known sales centers in Kerala. Service person contact number for Kochi is 9447175191. This is an average phone. Dont expect all the functions of a PDA phone. Price is from 9050 and tax 330. The only prime speciality of the phone is that it can hold two SIMs make both lines available simultaneously. MRP of the phone is 9848 but no need to pay that much. This is an ordinary BAR phone. Those who want more style and the day’s latest features may not go for it. It is meant for people who are inevitably compelled to use two lines in different handsets. D88 is for those having reliance/tata and any other GSM and D80 for those who have two GSM connections. My answer is clear.

  34. Pratikkumar

    I want to buy a D80 in pune
    Where I can see a demo?
    Where can I buy it?
    By when D88 is expected to hit the market?
    What will be other features of D88?

    Hoping for a quick answer.

  35. Varun Gupta

    i have only reliance connection but still i wanna use D80 mobile in West BEngal.
    What will be the price in Calcutta including all taxes?
    please reply soon

  36. sachin s k

    I’m having a reliance CDMA mobile and also an Airtel GSM postpaid connection, by using your D-88 model is it possible that I can see both the conections at the same time, please send me details.

    sachin s k

  37. Tulika

    hi,i m already hv reliance cdma connection & idea gsm.i want to buy a dual cell with bluetooth & megepixelcamera.tell me the cost n frm where i can buy?

  38. Pramod karkera

    i use both hutch (vodafone) and reliance mobile i am looking for the same kind of mobile pls give me the details on my mail add

  39. jagadeesh

    i like to buy speice mobile phone with in Rs 5000/-.give me sutibule mobel that is having fm radio

  40. Sobins

    I would like to get more information on this Spice dual mode model as I plan to get one inorder to replace my two handsets one of the Reliance and the other one of BSNL.
    Pls Suggest me the shops where i can check out a real piece in the city of Ahmedabad. If possible pls send me the address of the shops which are on C.G. Road or Paldi area.
    Thank You

  41. kirti patel

    sir need 30 handsets of spice d88 as soon as possible in the place of trichy
    (tamil nadu)
    my contact no:9367102103

  42. parttime_guy

    Iam fm Mumbai, and is interested in buying the Spice Duo D88. I have two networks Reliance/Vodaphone(ex-Hutch).

    What should be the current market price?
    Will both networks work on this phone?
    What about the FM facilities?
    Is there any adapter available with FM in built?
    Have u tried any radio facilities on this phone?
    How is the reception with the above two networks?

    Apart from the looks/price/specs-I think it is a good deal (can I have ur views) the only drawback is the FM. Iam lost without the radio :( has anybody cracked this one.

    Plz help me with my decision….


  43. Annan

    I tried to buy D88 at Chennai and could not find one. The shopwallahs say it has some display problems and they withdrew it. Any truth in it?
    In Kerala, they were planning to launch by the end of September but its launch has been delayed now. Latest information is that it will be launched in the third week of October. ie. this week.
    Eagerly waiting…

  44. satyaprakash arya

    I am having two mobile one of reliance and other of vodafone please send me the details of d-88 phone as sonn as possible.

  45. srinivas

    is there FM-radio, bluetooth, incoming call voice recorder in spice D-88 model.

    please send me reply as soon as possible

  46. Manohar

    dear sir,
    i am using 2 handsets and i require 1 mobile with 2 sim facility
    kindly advise

  47. sakthees

    pls send me the details abt the features of the handset D-80. where can i buy it n chennai?

  48. Vijay

    I am having two mobiles one of BSNL and other of IDEA please send me the details of d-88 phone as soon as possible.

  49. Rajesh Lokhande

    I mean gprs for cell one. and setting for Spice D88. my cellone no is 9420716811

  50. ganesh zalate

    Iam fm Mumbai, and is interested in buying the Spice Duo D88. I have two networks TATA INDICOM/Vodaphone(ex-Hutch).

    What should be the current market price?
    Will both networks work on this phone?
    What about the FM facilities?
    Is there any adapter available with FM in built?
    Have u tried any radio facilities on this phone?
    How is the reception with the above two networks?

    Apart from the looks/price/specs-I think it is a good deal (can I have ur views) the only drawback is the FM. I am lost without the radio has anybody cracked this one.

    Plz help me with my decision….

  51. aman

    i wish to but a d-80 duo,
    kindly provide me information regarding,

    1. the features of d-80
    2. the price
    3. the places of purchase in mumbai
    4. any other dual mode mobile wit their features,


  52. mathure

    Who are the distributors in Mumbai ?
    I want windows mobile with cdma and gsm network at a time in Spice. Is there any model avaliable of Spice in Mumbai ?

  53. Pradeep Kumar

    I have two connections and want to know abt D80 and its features as soon as possible.

  54. Prakasam

    We had a connection in reliance and bsnl.
    we want to know have both in one set.
    I heard about spice D-80 model suits my needs.
    Please furnish the possibilities, features and the availability in Chennai, India.
    Please reply as soon as possible.
    with regards

  55. Man

    i have BSNL and IDEA connections. can i use both at a time in a single cell? send me mobile specifications with price.Outlet information in delhi,price and technical details pls.CAN WE SEE BOTH CONNECTION
    Is there FM-radio, bluetooth, incoming & outgoing call voice recorder in spice D-88 model.pls send me the full details abt the features of the handset D-80 &D-88.
    when u r goig to launch D-88 mobile to the market.

    please…….. send me reply as soon as possible.

    with regards

  56. Sachin Joshi

    I want to know the features of Duo D-88 & D-80,Also want to the availability of Servicing centres at Maharashtra.

  57. sandeep naik

    Kindly let me know if u are going to launch any touch screem\n model in cdma/gsm dual sim mobile so that i can wait to buy the same within this 10 – 15 days.If so kindly reply on my mailing address.

  58. vijaykumar.vasimalli

    hello, i buy a new D-80 spice mobile,i want know about memory card(ie.. is this mobile support 1GB memory card ) and to download from any software is requry please tell the information. And if ones battey charged how day hours it give backup

  59. Hari Shankar Kotriwala

    send more information about d80 and d88. presently i am having rim postpaid and thinking for an other one.

  60. mohammed akram

    pls provided me d 88 drives for reliance net cannect my mail id

  61. Abhishek

    Am unable to connect to r-connect even after using its software. Can anybody help ? I’ll be very thankful.

  62. Zakir Sheikh

    This is Zakir Sheikh from Indore (M P) I am using Spice D80 from 2 months and it is really a helpful phone to manage calls. I am using Reliance And BSNL GSM .

    I love to use this phone in futher also.


  63. n s n srinivas

    web site of spice mobile dual model d-88 is http://www.spicemobile.in..

    this is a fine mobile.it supports both cdma(uim), and gsm(sim) cards.

    battery back up also ok. one beauty is along with hand set they are giving two batters.
    but one thing i am unable to congigure GPRS/WAP in that mobile and i am not satisfied with camara quality. but overall i recomend dual model spice mobile

    n s n srinivas

  64. addadutta

    I have purchased the phone yesterday. I am observing a strange issue. When I open phonebook, it shows all the entries in the phone.
    But when I select a letter, it does not show all the entries corresponding to the letter available in the phonebook but just a limited number of entries. I donot know on what basis does it select the entries.
    Have anyone of you faced this issue?

  65. Jasheel Raut

    I have purchased the phone yesterday D-88, the piece is good slim and light weight. Battery is ok. we have got 2 battries. Camera quality is not upto the mark( quality not good, not clear visible) only in daylight means in sunlight the picutres are clear, but in office or home light is reuired to get the clear picture.
    FM not availble, connectivity of GPRS and CDMA not possible, it says that the software failure in the modem.
    If you want to save a extra no to a existing name which is already in the phone book, you cannot add to the contacts from the cell, the nos. may be in missed calls, received calls or dailed calls or from the message, it will create a new contact name instead. in other cells you can add to the contact easliy. You have to mug up the no and then go the phone book memory to add the nos.
    CAn i get the neareast delear name or address. I stay at kandivali.

  66. Shashikant

    I have Purchased D88 in this Deewali.
    My set is very good.

    I want to connect net through “RIM”
    But my laptop ask about CD Which i havnt got.

    And how to Convert any film in 3 GP Formate.
    So If there is any suggestion pl give me.

  67. MyFundsManager

    Great idea. I carry TATA CDMA and Airtel GSM and it is cumbersome. I would love to have one. Prices around Rs.7300/- (very good). I hope it is smart enough to switch between networks and I do not miss my calls.

  68. Manu Gupta

    I need urgent and complete information about the features, functions, best offer prize of Spice D-88 mobile and tell me the correct method of online purchase ( with fully satisfied guarrantee/ warrantee and after sale services) of best Offer Prize.

  69. Balakrishnan

    Many criticisms arised against D88 above are not correct. Many are outcomes of ignorance. But many are true. Especially the concerns about reliance netconnect are just because manual of configuration problems. We blame a product wisely not because of our ignorance in handling that product.

  70. svs kiran

    first i was using four handsets.then three.now i am using d-88.after using this handset i feel happy for not using two mobiles.i ask the spice people to give some more better options in this set.

  71. shridhar

    Pls send me the detail of D-88 & D-80 both
    outlet information in mumbai,price and technical details pls.
    Also want to the availability of Servicing centres at Mumbai.

  72. P. Imran Khan

    Hi who ever it is I want to know the complete details of the spice dual phones,

    plz do that for me

  73. naveengupta

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased your mobile D88 DUAL GSM-CDMA set in April 07. In this set i miss GPRS settings on both GSM-CDMA mode. The set does not work on both GPRS connection. For this problem i visited SPICE service center, TATA and HUTCH consumer shops. But i get hopeless. All they say that set does not work on GPRS connection. i cant send MMS to my friends and relative. Now i m searching and waiting for any dual network mobile will come in market, which will satisfy me, then i will but it.
    Thank you,

  74. sudan

    I have already visited the web of spice mobile now i am not able to find out kindly provide me the web site…sudan

  75. Piyush


    I’m planning to purchase an Spice Dual sim phone (CDMA+GSM-Reliance).

    Kindly let me know that with the above combination, can i use R-connect.

    If there are any setting regarding the same kindly let me know.

  76. Rajiv Kapoor

    Dear Sir
    I have bought the D88.
    Some unique difficulties.
    1. No charger available at any outlet across MUMBAI (checked seven centers)
    2. Head phones do not work. (Service center wants to keep the set for atleast seven days for that…are they gone bonkers)
    3. MMS does not work.
    4. With great difficulty managed the WAP to work. Still MMS does not work.
    5. The Browser is Sick (needs to load each time we exit, cannot go to the last page / site surfed. U have to start all over again with the homepage.

    Can anyone give solutions to these points. It has jeopardised my work and travelling considerably (without GPRS and MMS and Handsfree)

    Please consider it urgent.


    Rajiv Kapoor

  77. bharat kadam

    Please let me know everything about dual SIM phone of Spice

  78. Md.Arif Anwar

    dear sir i bought d-88 but i haven’t got the cd to surf the internet on my desktop. so please give me the software of d-88

  79. Md.Arif Anwar

    i need software for d-88 to access net on desktop

  80. Rasik Patel

    I have two simcards i.e. Airtel & Hutch and wants to use both in a one hendset. D-88 phone can solve problem? please provide details.

  81. Narendra Mhetre

    i want the download programme or the software, to transfer all the needed data from the handset to the desktop, of spice D80 which is my favourite.

  82. Arun

    i hv spice d80. it does not support picture message, i got a lot of blank msg frm my frds bcz it dosen’t support other formate of message. u can not create any group for msg sending in this mob and no setting in this mob to store sent items.

  83. sumit

    I am using D 80 model . can some one tell me it is tri band or quad band ?. Please specify the bands.

  84. Ashish

    Need Help to resolve the issues. Havent heard from Spice on the hese issues. I using the phone since 18th April

    Spice D88

    Following issues have occurred post connecting to internet.
    1. Post the connection is established I can only browse for 4-6 min appox 400KB-600KB data transfer happens and the connection stops responding. I get “Page cannot be displayed” message
    2. Post disconnection I cannot connect to internet until I switch off the phone,take out the battery, Put it back and switch on the phone.
    3. Once I disconnect Internet, I cannot make or receive calls call until I do the processes mentioned in point 2.
    4. Post repeating Point 2 and 3 I have to make sure that the phone is working by Calling my No. from my alternate no. and dialing my alternate no from D-88.
    5. Some time the phone just stops responding post making or receiving calls. And some time when I am accessing Camera more File manager.
    6. Once I answer a call there is a lag of 1-2 Sec before I can hear the calling party and then the voice Is fine. This happens every time.
    7. The inbuilt browser does not connect to “Tata Zone” even after doing all the setting. The connection times out.

    I am using the Phone in CDMA mode with Tata Indicom service. I have GMS service from Airtel as well but not using it on D-88 because of issues mentioned above.


    Kindly give me the list of service centres in Mumbai for Spice Mobiles.

  86. Bodh Raj Pant

    I am from Nepal, using d-88 since 2 months. I have some virus problems with my set. How can i scan it n get my machine fresh ?
    My next querry is about the network. I want to run CDMA network here in Nepal. In the set there is Reliance, huch Tata network options are given. In nepal we cant use these networks. How can i work with NTC network with this set? Actually i want to use this set as a modem to run internet in computer?

    Awaiting your response
    B.R. Pant
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  87. awadhesh

    pl.send me nam programming for dual cdma d-88 spice phone in bsnl

  88. shamshir asif

    i want to know more about dual sim cdma and gsm ,how much its battry back up ,multimedia is working properway ,is there any hanging problem

  89. Ashis Barik

    I am holding one CDMA, Now i am taking one Vodafone,so how it can help me by using the set provide by you.. kindly tell me.Also kindly help me out to find the dealer locatd in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

    Thank u

  90. arti

    Daer sir,
    Iam having tow mobiels one of relianec & other of vodafone
    pleasc send me details of D-88 phone as soon as possible.

    thank u


    Dear sir,

    I am having two mobile one of reliance & other of Idea please send me details of D-88 as soon as posible.

    thank u

  92. harbhajan singh

    Dear Sir,

    I m a user of tataindicom mobile services, can (D-88 spice model ) i use this hand set with tata or not could u pls provide me details of this hand set.

    Thank you

    Harbhajan singh.

  93. Hari Nair

    Have been using D 88 dual handset since almost a year. A good sleek set, convenient oparation of both CDMA & GSM. Am quite satisfid with it.

  94. Santosh Shelar

    I am using CDMA (Reliance) connection for last 3 years. also I want to go for one GSM connection I am in search of good Dual phone.

    Please forwad me details of your aailable hand set & also details of distributors in Mumbai.


  95. Ratheesh Kumar


    Can you pls send the list of service centre who can provide service for SPICE CDMA Handsets, especially in South India. Pls reply immdtly.


  96. Mr.Hemant P.Mindhe

    Dear Sir,

    I have hanset of D-88 of spice,
    I want to know how i tranfer my contact numbers from PC to D-88 handset & can i get speed dial numbers more than 9 also blacklist number software?



  97. prakash

    Please sent GPRS FOR BSNL & setting for CDMA RELIANCE at the earliest.

  98. Lokendra K

    Incress d-88 Network (MHz) : GSM 900/1800 & CDMA 800 to
    CDMA 1900.

    and FM redio alos add.

  99. Nehal

    I have been using this Spice 80 model since a last few months. Beliave me any othe model of other companies are better. BEcause the functioning is so different as so is the speed. Certin basic things not available in this model.

    N nw frnds we do have this dual mode in SAMSUNG too.


  100. Surya

    I am using spice d88 and unable to use Tatazone on my cell. also I have Windows Vista and I cannot use modem software for Spice D88. CAn anybody help me, how to set modem drivers for Spice D88 on Windows Vista. and how to set tata zone.
    Please mail me on suryabharne@gmail.com

  101. kamna

    i have two phone one is idea and another is reliance i want dual sim phon i heard spice-D88(N) it have avery thing but F.M Radio is not intalled i want f. m to what should i do!

    can u help me!

  102. Viru

    Never buy this phone. It literally sucks and customer care is hopeless. I have just dumped it. There are few chinse models available.. feature rich and cheap.

  103. padmesh gaur

    i want replace my spice mobile (D-80) body.can it replaced ? if it replace that plz give me detial of its accessories of its set on my mail id.

  104. rajesh solanki

    i want to know about Spice cellphone service centre in india………
    specially in Gujarat
    plz tell me service centre details of spice mobile

  105. Rajesh Agarwal

    i want to know that i have 1 bsnl & 1 reliance connection and i am carrying to 2 hansets its to difficult for me to carry. So please late me which sets is preferable for me D 80 aur D88.

    please reply


  106. Sameer Shah

    I am in search of the CDMA handset which doesn’t have Camera but should have all other features. Such as a PDA. Please suggest


    Hi, I required dual active phone for both CDMA tata indicom & reliance. Please suggest.

  108. atul

    i want complete information about D88, plz help me,
    camera, memory, battrey life, features, gprs connectivity, how can we use dual sim card

  109. Lalit Kumar

    i have two GSM connection. which mode is suitable for me ?

  110. ketan joshi

    please give me features detail & rate of spice D-88 mobile