Zenith and Vu showcase technology products in India

Zenith and VU

Vu and Zenith displayed their latest products at an event held in Mumbai, India. The products unveiled by Zenith include Z Book Dock, Zenith Director Plus, Ego & Envy series laptops, Zenith Admirale Plus, and EcoStyle and SmartStyle PCs. While Vu displayed their Gem Collection of LCDs, Waterproof Bathroom LCD, MyVu Glasses, Car TV & DVD Player, Digital Photoframe and Digital Keychain. The evening also marked the launch of the Vu Intelligent TV and 55” LCD TV.

The Z Book Dock, a netbook that can be easily converted into a sleek and stylish desktop by simply plugging it into a smartly placed dock. The other attributes of the Z Book Dock include Smart manager, 3.5G support, easy upgrade, roomy keyboard and rich aesthetics.

The Zenith Director Plus is a notebook with the capabilities of a workstation. The ICT (India Condition Testing) certification ensures smooth functioning of this notebook even in the rough Indian work environment. The main highlight of this notebook is the liquid shine display. Designed on the lines of the sports cars, the other specifications of this notebook include 512MB graphics card with c2d processor, Intel pm45 motherboard, 2.0 mega pixel camera, wireless card and special party play sound effect.

The Ego & Envy are two chic style laptops inspired by tattoo art. The Envy is a collection of feminine laptop that reflects the Indian fashionista. Designed with soft pink colors and rhythmic lines complete with a cameo silhouette, the Envy portrays an attitude of a style diva. The Ego range features a tattoo and Skull design over denim backdrop. These laptops portray the spirit of the suave, cool and intelligent Indian male.

The Zenith Admiral Plus is an ICT certified laptop designed for the rough Indian environment. The reflective metal finish and the high-gloss surface are inspired by chrome. The other specifications of the device include IntelGM45 graphics chipset, enhanced color reproduction, remarkable clarity, detailed contrast and reflective screen that ensures security and privacy of data with its anti-glare feature. The company also allows users to choose a processor that suits their needs. Users can select any processor from Celeron to Intel Core2Duo. The laptop also bundles up a luxurious leather bag.

The Zenith EcoStyle PC is a state-of-the-art desktop PC. The highlights of this desktop include Microsoft productivity suite, Intel Atom processor, and dimensions of 185mm x 250 mm x 70 mm. This desktop PC weighs only 2kg. The EcoStyle PC will be made available for just Rs. 11,999.

The Zenith SmartStyle PC is an elegant and compact device that has the capability to bend over 180 degrees. This cool-meets-smart desktop boasts of 17” WXGA TFT monitor, built-in speakers, Intel Dual Core Processor T2130 with a memory of 1 GB, and 80GB hard disk drive. The Zenith SmartStyle PC is priced at Rs. 20,000.

The Vu 46-inch Intelligent TV is actually a TV-cum-PC. It is claimed to be one of the distinctive televisions India has ever seen. This TV allows user to access the Internet as well as social networking sites like Flickr, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. This TV also provides users with a live home security system. However, this Intelligent TV doesn’t include an in-built Wi-Fi connection.

Vu has announced a new 55-inch LCD TV. The sleek design of this 55-inch TV claims to provide a never before viewing experience.

Vu’s Gem collection consisting of the Ruby, Pearl and Onyx was also launched at this event. The 22-inch pure prism panel claims to deliver a luxurious finish. The other features of the Gem collection include Blu-Ray DVD player, glossy finish and diamond encrusted Vu logo. The company also provides users with the option to customize their own Gem LCD to suit their needs.

The Vu Digital Signage provides a turnkey end-to-end solution for the hardware, software and integration problems. The digital signage can be used by various Industrial segments for advertising, brand building, influencing customer behavior, enhancing customer experience and environment as well as providing public and internal information.

Apart from these products, Vu has also launched the 15-inch Vu Waterproof LCD and MyVu Glasses. The Vu Waterproof LCD allows users to watch their favorite shows while in a shower. As this LCD is completely waterproof it can be easily placed in a bathroom or a spa The MyVu Glasses is 24-inch portable screen. Users can connect their iPod to this screen to enjoy their favorite videos on a large screen virtually anywhere.

The Vu also launched a 10.4-inch digital photo frame. This frame is compatible with almost any memory card. The frame is also capable of reading any number of memory cards at one time. It also incorporates in-built printer and calendar. This frame can also be connected to a camera and a LCD screen.

Last but not the least Vu has launched a Digital Keychain. This digital keychain comes equipped with a memory space of 256MB and 1.8-inch display. The Vu keychain allows users to carry all their cherished memories with them everywhere they go.

The Zenith notebooks are available at all 500 Zenith PC World showrooms and retail outlets such as Next, Vijay Sales, Croma etc., in India. However, Zenith plans to sell a few of these products directly to Corporate Clients and customers via their official website. The Vu products will be available through the various Vu stores across the country.

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