Philips intros Energy Saving LED lights for Indian Homes


Philips logo Philips India has launched five models of lighting products based on the LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology, for the home segment.

This range of LED models is small, has solid light bulbs that are extremely energy-efficient and widely seen as the future of lighting technology.

The LED offers a longer lifetime, compact size and flexibility in design. It also provides digital control programmability, light output with no ultra violet and infra red radiation and safety of usage. The reason behind the range of advantages is due to the low voltage and low heat operation.

Compared to CFL (compact fluorescent lamps), LED lightings are much more energy-efficient and do not have the mercury contamination problem associated with the CFLs.

“LEDs is the next wave of lighting technology. LED Lighting Systems provide a much higher colour saturation and brilliance than conventional light sources. Different colour effects are now possible from the same light source. Prior to this, LEDs have been used in many architectural and commercial applications. With this launch, we plan to extend the benefits of LED technology to our home users,” said Mathew Job, Marketing Director of Philips’ Lighting Division.

Earlier, the LEDs were restricted to single-bulb use in applications, including instrument panels, electronics and pen lights.

The Philips LED models are priced in the range of Rs 270 to Rs 750 and cost more than the CFL.

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  1. sandukes

    I want more information about LED lights and where can I purchase it.I am resident of maharashtra state in India.
    Please provide me list of shops so I can purchase LED lights.
    My email id is

  2. Sundar T V

    Please furnish complete details including product pics with specificationsa along with cost and availabilty. I am from Tamil Nadu

  3. P J Singh

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me the product catelogue with price details.

    The Phillips outlet in Eastern India were these products are available for evaluation and purchase.



  4. Satish Bangia

    We require enery efficent fittings for our Building in Mumbai.These are to replace tube lights , cfl and Halogen lights.

  5. S K Kala

    Pl send me the details for LED lighs for home and industrialuse

  6. apurv singhi

    please send me the details about LED lights for home segment incl. pics, costs, and where can i buy them, i live in jodhpur, rajasthan.
    my e-mail:


    I want more information and costing on LED LIGHTING both for
    home and industries with LUMANS OUTPUT and dealer in BANGALORE CITY
    MY E MAIL ID :

  8. rajesh

    please tell me about the products(led) by philips and their specification with their prices.

  9. UTTAM

    please send me the details about LED lights for home segment costs and comparison with cfl lights

  10. N.Balasubramanian

    Request catalogues / spec / dealers in Chennai

  11. Suez Akram

    Need Full information, tech-specs, and prices for different LED based home lighting solutions urgently and I am in teh process of converting all lighting in my houses on to Solar energy. WOuld also like the names/addresses of dealers in Delhi and Allahabad.

  12. krishna rao

    Pl send me the details for LED lighs for home and industrial use

  13. Mahantesh S Sanadi

    I am residant of Bangalore India. I would like to know more about LED lamps.
    Please suggest me the store names where i can purchase these lamps. Does it go with 220~240 volts( i.e can already existing electic system be used.)?

  14. Jayant

    I am building my new home @1200 sq.ft area. I would like to go for all LED lighting in the home. Can you suggest approprate models and avalability of desired products that will available in market. I am resident of Pune Maharashtra, India.

  15. Nagarajan

    Dea Sir,
    Please provide me the spec and cost of LED lightings in detail. I’m builting a home in Chennai, India and would like to go for LED. Earliest reply will be benificial.

    Thank & Regards,

  16. Sangeeta Jadhav

    I am looking for LED lights. Where can I purchase it in Bangalore.

  17. Sanjay

    dear sirs :

    wud like 2 buy them in mumbai…but from where..???


  18. Rajendra

    I live in bangalore. wud like to purchase LED light for my home for better brightness. I am building a house in bangalore and want to try these all LED new lighting concepts. I am in need of full info viz… Tech-specs, catalogues, cost, appropriate models with wattage, dealer contact & address, basic requirement like fittings supply voltages etc… Earliest reply would benefit me a lot.
    I was already prepared a blue print for solar lighting backup system, I want to go for LED lighting solutions.
    Thanks in advance

  19. Pranav Bhatia


    I would like to know the dealers that are there for the same in Pune (Maharashtra) and Ahmedabad(Gujarat).



  20. balajee

    Can you provide me the product info and how much energy we save? and also the pricing.

  21. K.gajalakshmi

    I want to know the details about LED lights, and also cost and usage .I recommended your company is a good quality products producing, so I want a dealership with send the details of pictures, In chennai more wanted for LED lights .

    Awaiting for your reply

  22. tanmoy goswami

    See Iam also looking for batter LED light. I have bought a led light of 1W but it works like bright night lamp, much brighter than a coventional night lamp.(Rs 120) But I am searching for a light which can light up my bed room for casul time. OK tell me if any one can find my requerments. I am a resident of Assam Guwahati

  23. V.gopalakrishnan

    I want to more about led lights .Iam residing in vellore 130 km from chennai.

    is it available in vellore.Also send particulars of the sensible electric sahver

  24. anu

    Please tell me where i can buy LED lights in Pune. Also I would appreciate it if I could be put in touch with someone who could help me with my design for a LED light fixture.

  25. Franklin

    I am interested in effective LED lighting for home. I need details of purchase. It would be better, if the current products offer effective replacement solutions for the traditional lighting system at homes.

  26. Reghu

    Please tell me where I can purchase the branded LED lamps in Thrissur,Kerala.
    I want to purchase for my home.
    Reghu from Thrissur

  27. Rajesh Aggarwal

    I would like to purchase led lights for my office. Kindly let me have the complete list of led lights available and also your dealers for the same at Pune-Maharashtra.

  28. Ajit Shrowty

    Dear Sir,

    Can you provide details of cost and savings compared to CFL and Tube Lights for LED lamps ?

    warm regards

  29. TREVOR

    Please send me some catalogues of various LED lamps to be used in homes.
    Would appreciate if Names & addresses of various dealers in Mumbai are listed for me to check out the same at the earliest.

    Best Regards

    Trevor Sequeira

  30. anil bhatia

    I am an electrical engineer., I want to start my own business & want to deal in LED home / street lighting systems . Pl send me the detailed catalogues / price lists& trade inquairy., yr contact nos etc
    anil bhatia

  31. Pawan kumar Thakur

    Please provide me the detail catalogue and pricelist of LED lighting for commercial and domestic use. Also provide the comparison between energy saving between a LED Light and CFL and normal tube light. Name and Address of the dealer and Faridabad and NCR Delhi.

  32. KL Wasan

    Are Led Bulbs available freely and if so from where I can get the same in Gurgaon, Haryana.

  33. Ravinder

    Please provide a list of shops where one could purchase LED lights in Hyderabad for our house .

  34. Robert Poddar

    Dear Sir,
    could you please provide me the product catalogue with respect to LED Lights?
    Are LED Lights “drop-in” replaceable with convention bulbs?
    Is there any special way of wiring the house for LED Lights or can the same wiring be used?
    List of dealers in chennai and Pondicherry who sell LED Lights?

    thank u

  35. Yuvraj Dada

    We are in need of LED lighting fixtures for residential areas where these can be ftted in place of conventional tubes or CFL type of lights. We are aslo fitting some LED lights in the Motot-homes that we fabricate, but are looking for some reputed fitments. Kindly reply with some pics & prices.

  36. manoj bajpai

    please give me details of led for home use and details of buying them

  37. Ram Lagan

    Please inform the list of shops (in Lucknow, UP, India) who are having LED lights and also provide the product catalogue. Are these LED lights is easily replaceble with ordinary bulb holder, fittings.


  38. joseph pullan

    like to know whether led tubes can be used for convetional home lighting,and whether it can be bought in mumbai ,what would be the price range

  39. Paul P Joseph

    please tell me where i can purchase led bulbs in cochin kerala

  40. Gaurav

    I am looking for led lights for my garment showroom can suggest me or send me catologue for it.

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