Energy-efficient Logitech cooling pad N200 for laptops in India

Logitech Cooling Pad N200 The Logitech cooling pad N200 to keep laptops cool is available online for users in India. The cooling pad allows adjusting the airflow to comfortably use laptops on the bed, couch or even on the floor.

The Logitech cooling pad N200 boasts of a slanted noiseless fan with a grill. The air enters inside through inlets at the side and behind the device to ensure continuous ventilation. The airflow can be adjusted with the help of two fan speeds or turned off completely.

“The Logitech Cooling Pad N200 is simply the coolest laptop companion around. Laptops can overheat on uneven surfaces or without proper ventilation. The Logitech Cooling Pad N200 solves this problem by keeping laptops cool, wherever you use them,” quoted Logitech’s country manager for India and South West Asia, Subrotah Biswas.

The sleek cooling pad is light and can be carried around conveniently. A front lip on the device forms a grip over the laptop to prevent it from falling. The energy- efficient device needs to be powered via USB and consumes less battery.

The Logitech cooling pad N200 for laptops is available in India for purchase at a price of Rs. 1,595 through the official website. It is distributed throughout the country by Rashi peripherals Pvt. Ltd. and Ingram Micro India Ltd.