Acer Aspire One Laptop Arrives in India

Acer Aspire One

Acer announced the availability of its first mobile Internet device, dubbed the Aspire One, in India. Claiming to be an all-new communication device, combines mobility and wireless experience into a unit.

Designed to offer immediate access to internet, the Aspire One ensures easy connection to World Wide Web. Running on the Linpus Linux Lite operating system, the device minimizes the start up and shut down times and delivers simplicity with the intuitive and specifically optimized software interface.

With the help of the Mail software application, users will appreciate the simple and clear managements of up to six separate email accounts in a single window. Simultaneously, the Messenger program also handles the most popular instant messaging accounts.

The Acer Aspire One laptop can be carried with ease due to its miniaturization of core components that has reduced the weight to less than one kilo, offering sleek, light and comfortable operations.

Acer’s crucial element – input interface – has also been included into the Aspire One that delivery a smooth Internet experience. The additional features are 8.9-inch screen LCD screen with a resolution of the 1024 x 600 pixels that maintain clarity and compactness.

“The Acer Aspire one netbook designed for internet use will help drive growth in the exciting new netbook category,” said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager, Mobile Platforms Group, Intel Corp. “Purpose built Intel Atom processors are enabling our customers to innovate and together we will bring the next billion users online.”

“Caring through innovation, Acer’s products are designed to fulfill customer needs, be it fresh technology or unique design.” mentioned W S Mukund, Managing Director, Acer India. “As the world’s fastest growing PC vendor among the top five, we are now in position to set the trend in notebook design with the all new Aspire one netbook.”

Powered by Intel Atom processor, the Aspire One laptop comes with Linpus Linux Lite or Windows XP Home operating system and 1 GB of RAM memory.

Acer Aspire One laptop is available in India for an estimated price of Rs. 21,999 (Windows XP) and Rs. 19,999 with Linux base.

13 Responses

  1. sumit

    Nothing is said about battery life that is crucial for these notebooks. Also any story for asus Eepc would be welcome.
    Any info regarding small handhelds (selling in US around $300-$500) would be welcome in an Indian context.

  2. ravindra

    give information with detail configuration and indian currency

  3. AJAY

    sorry i want to ask 1 more q?’s that’s what’s the deiffrance between winxp/linex acer Aspire one model

  4. Jyothi

    its great…………
    i am looking for this type of notebook itself
    one more thing u missed to put speed of cpu, memory and fsb speed.
    could you kindly send all these info including video memory space, usb connector, web cam, modem, wi-fi, all other necessary connector details………
    waiting for your reply!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Parimal Chatterjee

    need more detail about graphic card and other technical configuration

  6. Prashant Bohra

    How will you differentiate Aspire with other models.Few things to know before you buy, No bluetooth, No optical device,Single colour (Blue) , Office 2007 trial pack. Good features – Light Weight, VGA camera, Wi-Fi.

    Worth at the cost it is selling.

  7. milind

    what about the other features?
    wheres the WiFi, bluetooth connectivity, graphic card options ?????

  8. K Biswas

    Using this one. good at the price. no optical drive, but highly portable. wifi is there. no bluetooth. battery backup is around 3 + hours. no problem in working with huge applications.

  9. tarun

    can this acer aspire one handle large applications because it had intel atom in it is intel atom a powerfull processor and able o handle large applications and multipal applications at same time……………………

  10. Shivakumar

    Hello Sir, I want to buy it. I think it is not having CD/DVD reader/writer. Please mail me, Weather it is having it or not? and slso send me where i can buy it in south india(near or in karnataka state).

  11. satheesh

    i want to buy this laptop so please mail me with all detais and also provide me the showroom addresses

  12. sona

    does this have graphic card…..?
    like is it alright 4 gaming purpose……?

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