Sylvania g MESO and MAGNI netbooks to arrive soon

Sylvania netbooks Sylvania, licensed named for Digital Gadgets’ products, announced their plan to release two latest netbooks, namely g MESO and MAGNI in the American market.

Starting with the netbook g MESO, it feature 8.9-inch screen, 80 GB hard drive and comes with an option of 512 MB or 1GB RAM. For consumers who prefer 512 MB RAM option, the g MESO, shining in black chassis, supports Linux-based Ubuntu netbook remix operating system. While the 1GB RAM option is said to be compatible with both Ubuntu and Windows XP operating systems. The 1 GB RAM version of g MESO will be available in snow, solar and blossom [white, yellow and pink] colors.

Ubuntu-based g MESO is slated to hit the market in early August for $399 (approx. Rs. 16,865), whereas the XP version of g MESO is apparently scheduled to launch in September for an estimated price of $499 (approx. Rs. 21,092).

Coming to the g netbook MAGNI, the 10-inch device will employ a 120GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM and Intel Atom processor. Polished in the black and white colors, the MAGNI is compliant with both Ubuntu netbook remix and Windows XP operating systems.

Expected to release after the MESO, the Linux version of g netbook MAGNI will be seen first in late August, followed by the XP version first in early September.

However, the price of the g netbook MAGNI is kept secretive by Sylvania.

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