Acer Aspire 4310 and Aspire 4710 Notebook Series launched in India

Acer Aspire Notebooks

Acer India today announced the launch of two new notebooks in the Indian market. The two new arrivals are the Aspire 4310 and Aspire 4710 series. Both the notebooks are part of the design notebooks from Acer and BMW together.

On the occasion, S. Rajendran, GM – Sales and Marketing, Acer India said, “Acer has always been at the forefront in supporting the latest technologies that enhance customer experience. The Acer Aspire 4310 and Aspire 4710 series is part of Acer’s initiative of ‘making mobile computing more affordable’ and a response to the demand for low cost and efficient Notebooks. With the Acer Aspire 4310 and Aspire 4710 series, we have once again broken all barriers without compromising on features, a first in the industry.”

The Aspire 4310 series uses Celeron M 520, while its memory is 512 MB and an 80 GB hard disk drive. Besides, this notebook features LINUX operating system and Combo drive. The Aspire 4310 notebook is available in the market at the price of Rs. 20,999 excluding taxes and carrying case. Acer also offers it with 0.3 Mega-Pixel camera at the price of Rs. 24,499.

Unlike Aspire 4310, the Aspire 4710 series comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor T5500. This notebook has the configuration of 1GB RAM, 160 GB hard disk drive and LINUX operating system. Also it sports some additional features such as Bluetooth. Buyers can purchase Aspire 4710 series at Rs. 39,499. Acer has also launched a variant model, the Aspire 4710z that is equipped with Pentium dual core processor T2080, 1GB RAM, inbuilt camera and 160 GB hard disk drive.

All the newly launched notebooks feature Gigabit LAN.

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  1. Shah

    I am writing this from my aspire 4710 😛

    first off, pretty cheap for this kinda configuration, 41,500/-(inc.VAT)

    >Intel core2 duo(T5500) 1.66GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 667 MHz FSB
    >14.1″ LCD
    >onboard Intel 950 graphics (128 MB shared)
    >1 GB DDR2 RAM
    >160 GB HDD
    >8x DVD-RW
    >memory card reader
    >inbuilt webcam
    >inbuilt microphone & speakers

    I just had it for last 3 days. so my review wont be that accurate.
    From the outside it looks really cool, all black and metallic acer logo on the back of monitor. It isnt that heavy too.

    The keyboard covering is made of gray plastic, which doesnt look very good with the rest of the color scheme. but its really good when sitting in the dark and typing because the monitor light reflects off the keyboard and gives good visibility.

    the touch pad is really sensitive and will need some getting used to. also there is a nifty scroll function when you tap along the edges of the touch pad.

    in the hardware side, this baby can pull off most of the graphic intensive tasks i put it through. so its a good buy for those who want to do graphics or gaming.

    the battery backup is about 2 hours with the standard battery, so it will give limited mobility away from power sockets.

    but this laptop isnt without its quirks, first problem i encountered was over heating issues. you can forget using it as a ‘lap’ top, it really will put a hole in your pants 😛

    i don’t know if its the processor or the batteries that is causing this, acer is known to have overheating issues with its older models, so i guess thats the case here.

    there isnt any bluetooth drivers available for windows xp in this model as yet. so you will have to upgrade to vista if you want to use that feature.

    also, the speakers are operating at low volume especially when playing videos, but that might be fixable. im just waiting for the service guys to find a solution :(

    overall, this is a value-for-money desktop-replacement laptop for those who want to do some graphic intensive tasks, without losing on mobility too much. i would recommend to buy.

  2. kumaraswamy

    i newly installing windows vista, i want to know the what type of edition to be best, what are the compatible drivers for that, and how to install the empowering technology.

    kindly request you to please forward the answer urgent

  3. Suresh M

    i am planning to buy Acer aspire 4710 (intel core 2 duo T5500). can you please tell me your suggestion about overall performance?

  4. Rob

    I have an Aspire 4310 a real slug with Vista. Unfortunately it’s not available in Australia with the Linux option – can anyone tell me where i might be able to download it? Or even which particular variety of Linux it is?

  5. Shah

    as for kumaraswamy’s question…windows vista home premium will do fine for home use, its about 4.5K
    but if you are a power user and dont want to be limited in the OS functionality side you might wanna go for windows vista ultimate, its about 10K
    the empowering technology software comes in the support cd of the laptop

    suresh m>>>please refer my earlier posts

    rob>>> the 4310 is a scaled down celeron version so it cant run anything more than windows xp, windows vista takes about 460mb of memory to run on average, so you can expect it to be running slow on a laptop with only 512mb of ram.
    the linux they give with the laptop is only of basic funtionality, its more like DOS than linux, it doesnt even have GUI. the first thing any one who buys the laptop has to do it is format it and put a new OS in it.
    the 4710(core2duo t5500, 1gb ram) runs windows vista pretty smoothly.

  6. petunia

    I purchased aspire4710 and installed XP OS. I am not that techy person but I know how to install the operating system. It took me days to find the drivers that are compatible for XP. Right now I still have videoo controlled banged from the device manager. Can someone tell me the right driver for the video card for me to be able to maximize the use of this system. Thanks a lot! :)

  7. Dazza

    I unfortunately just bought an Acer 4710z with 512MB and Vista basic. ($1100.00)
    Its very slow, and unresponsive. Doesn’t like Vista at all! (Even with 1 Gig upgrade? Extra $90.00)
    I went back to the dealer, and bought XP Home. (Another $160.00)
    XP Home runs 100% better but the XP drivers that Acer have, DO NOT WORK!
    I rang acer support. “Acer does not support XP!”
    I asked about restoring Vista so I can get rid of the laptop – “Will cost $200.00”
    I was also informed that warranty was void because of installing XP.
    The laptop itself is mediocre but okay for kids or students, but is unusable with Vista. Unfortunately under XP there is no Wireless, Sound, modem thanks to Acer Support (Ha Ha)
    If you want a laptop for anything but basic internet and word processing, Don’t Buy This one!
    If you want support – buy a HP or Toshiba or anything but …..

  8. Shah

    hey guys, i am back :)

    petunia, you can find the drivers for video controller in acer’s Europe website

    I am assuming that you are having the Aspire 4710 and not the 4710z, please follow these instructions to get the driver


    under the “MS Windows XP”, click on “Drivers and Utilities” drop down menu and select “VGA Intel”, the driver will start downloading in few seconds.

    and as for Dazza’s dilemma, the model you have is 4710z and its a dual core version of aspire 4710 (which is a core2duo), it is meant to run slower with vista, as i have explained earlier with the 4310, running vista in 4710z is hopeless. you can install windows xp and it will give much better performance.
    and as for the drivers, they are available for XP in acer’s Europe website. i am having 4710 and all the drivers have been tested by me for XP. since only the processor and the memory is the only thing that is different between 4710 and 4710z, i suppose all of those drivers will work for you too.

    please don’t forget to leave your comments on whether it worked for you.

    good luck :)

  9. manishvet1

    hi i am in a mood to buy aspire4710. pls advice me other options in comparable price range.

  10. lolik

    huh…i have aspire 4310 last mount!! i want to install win XP on it, that is must be build XP+added SATA driver…no i have win XP sp2 but i have some problem on it…i can’t use my wifi and bluetooth…and i was try to use driver on everything in there can’t help resolve my problem….for everyone please give me driver wifi for win XP sp2!!!

  11. Shah

    hi guys, back again :)

    manish>>> you have quite a few choices these days,

    you might want to check these out

    1. Dell inspiron 1420 & 1520 (comes about the same price but lacks on hardware. has vista preloaded though)
    2. HP pavilion dv2400 (a bit higher price and similar config. vista preloaded)
    3. Sony vaio cr12 (costs about 10K more and lower config. vista preloaded)

  12. Krishna

    Can anybody know that can we install REDHAT LINUX 4.0 in aspire 4710 ?
    Just i want to install oracle 10g database. i don’t require all(webcan,bluetooth,wi-fi etc) in linux. Because i have already installed winxp and it takes everything and working fine.

  13. Narendra Holepatil

    I have purchsed acer laptop Aspire 4710Z and installed Windows xp2 and down load drivers from acer and installed the same, but Problem Getting in Sound Card Driver , Also On windows vista sound card working , but other soaftware like Tally 7.1 not working on vista,\
    So How I can get the Sound Card drivers for Windows XP

  14. Narendra Holepatil

    If any one can give me solution for sound drivres for windows xp2 than I will Give u good Solution For installation windows xp2 on sata harddisk without updating bios and floppy disk

  15. Richard

    i have the same problem ….Acer Drivers from site to Wireless do not work on my Aspire 4310….


  16. Hugo

    Hi ppl.
    I bought a 4310 (Vista support and installed only) and, although mine has 1GB ram, I still think Vista sucks (7.5 GB operating system is absurd to me). Therefore, I wanted XP on mine and, as some of you, I was involved is this for a week, exactly because Acer doesnt support XP (as most the drivers they have lol) for this model and you can find loads of them different on the net. So here goes what I have done so far (the one thing I miss is bluetooth…yet heh):
    1 – For AHCI, audio, cardreader, modem and VGA card
    2 – For the empowering technology ( I dont remember exactly where I got it, but I do remember it was in a link from a forum, but here goes the version it runs on XP): 2.3.2026.0 – I think its from aspire 4520.
    3 – For the wireless setup (and this one sure was tricky) the correct drivers are in:
    Some advices:
    Download and install something called AutoPatcher_WinXPXXX (file with about 300 Mgs) after the new winXP install.
    Patience and cool (heh)
    Have fun

  17. glauco

    i have aspire 4310, and install win XP on it.i have some problem on it…first was on the Sound Card Driver ,but it´s working know :) , my big problem is the Wireless… try to use driver on it of many web site but no one work.
    about the sound card ,the trick is update da drive on the pci bus.

  18. luck


    i have aspire 4710z it cam with win i installed xp on it but the sound drivers i tried to install from acer but its not responding .giving error ” install realtek audio driver failure” …

    can any one help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Ibrahim

    i was about to buy this acer but now i will not and will not buy any laptop its just tension – if u go for DELL – battry problem, performance problem and will become hot soon, no service in many states in india — If u choose H/P high end models are ok but very expensive — if u go for VIVO great & great expensive as well — if u try acer it is having (here is the whole page for u)

    My advice go for desktop

  20. suresh

    hi i have aspire 4710 am using from last one month. i have proplem in in my dvd rom , i mean no icon in the computer,and the cd or dvd its not running.we tring to solve the proplem ,
    i think the driver gone
    how can get the driver from any wep
    plz help me

  21. patrick

    hi.. I have an Acer 4310 running Vista, my devices are ok, except the webcam, can’t make it work.. anybody experienced the same problem? and if ever, got a solution.. thanks

  22. Shah

    hi guys…

    suresh…i think you or some software in your laptop disabled your dvd drive in device manager…

    you could go to control panel>system>hardware>device manager

    in the window that opens there will be “DVD/CD-ROM Drives”
    click on the [+] and in the cascade there will be “optiarc dvd rw”
    right click on it and click “Enable” from the menu.

    dvd will now work


  23. Iqbal

    I have bought aspire 4710z, and audio driver is not working its saying “install realtek audio driver failure” can any onehelp….

  24. Iqbal

    I have bought aspire 4710z, and audio driver is not working its saying “install realtek audio driver failure” can any onehelp….

    I have installed win xp, also wi-fi not working. Is this bug with win xp on this laptop.

  25. arunanto

    anyone having bluetooth device drivers for acer4710 on windows xp os.Plesae share the link for download.

  26. aurven

    you can ask me steps of how i did installed acer aspire 4710z drivers for windows xp except for the bluetooth drivers, i haven’t found any solution yet.

  27. ankit

    hi i have acer 4710z . it,s working properly with win xp now but do not have acer empowering technology.can u please tell me from where to download and install it

  28. Manish Kumar

    I want to know the price of acer aspire 4710 notepad in augest & now in India

  29. sunil

    Dear friends
    Can any body tell me about the performace of acer 4310 laptop and from where I can get win xp compatible drivers.

    sunil chandwani

  30. Vadid

    Please tel me how to install redhat9 on aspire 4710!!! i tried and the reply is that no hard disk was found!!! plz plz help me to install it or in case i need special drivers than do inform me how to get those…

  31. Aditya

    hi m confused b/w acer A-4710 n compaq B1950tu , can neone help me out to make decision for buying the laptop , which one is better . Price of both the laptop is same 36500/-.

  32. Tobais Riepper

    Yes!! i yesterday bought this acer aspire 4710z (m typin this msg using this laptp…:) ). ya its really a cool laptop and this one supports Vista. but still we smart guys can use XP on it. The drivers they gave with this laptop is for Vista. hence they are not working in Windows XP. (SImply i HATE Vista.) hence i installed XP and downloaded the vga driver from its website. Its working fine now.

    1) I got a DEAD PIXEL. I called to its customer care but they are saying that upto 3 dead pixels are tollrable :X… Hence they wont replace mine. :(

    2) Sound of XP Operating system is too slow. but vedio and\or mp3 musics are Normal.

    3) NO BLUETOOTH present. I called to Customer care again and asked that if no BT present then why at left side of keypad one key for BT present?? they said for this model no BT present. the Keyboard is common for all laps of aspire series. hence the button. Its ok for me because i am using a USB blootooth.

    Thank YOu!!

  33. Jnana

    hi.i bought a aspire 4710Z yesterday.but i’m having problems removing the linpus linux and installing xp on it.when i boot it with the bootable xp cd it says no hard disk drive installed on ur do i install xp????pls help.

  34. Jnana

    hi.i bought an aspire 4710z yesterday.but i’m having problems removing linux and installing xp on it.when i boot it with the xp cd it says no hard disk drives installed on ur do i install xp???does any of the driver in the cd work on xp????pls help

  35. Jnana

    hi.i bought an aspire 4710z yesterday.but i’m having problems removing linux and installing xp on it.when i boot it with the xp cd it says no hard disk drives installed on ur do i install xp???does any of the driver on the cd work on xp????pls help

  36. Amit

    acer aspire 4710z drivers for windows xp except for the bluetooth drivers, please tell me the steps….. drivers exist on acer website not working properly

  37. mahesh mhanere

    hi this is mahesh

    i did took the acer laptop 4520 .
    when i try to installed audio driver on xp it gives error that
    “install realtek audio driver failure”

    and i try to get driver from net but same error is repeating
    so pls give me soln

  38. Amit Chauhan

    I have bought aspire 4710z, i have installed winxp on it and audio driver is not working …. Tobais Riepper, could you help me out here.

  39. venky

    can any1 say where can i get audio drivers for acer 4710Z… i need it badly….
    gimme the link plz…..

  40. venky

    can any1 say where can i get audio drivers for acer 4710Z… i need it badly….
    gimme the link plz…..

  41. jitendra naik

    i would like to buy 4710 note book. but can i havew opreting system vista?and i am in gujrat (VADODARA)BARODA.from where can i buy and what will be the price including all.i want to buy in this week without fail.

  42. Nishant Batra

    Its sad to say but i have Acer Aspire 4310 series.
    WiFi was sorking alright.
    but there was a virus attack and so my laptop was formatted and Windows Xp home Edition was re-installed from the Cd i got along with the laptop.

    Even after installing all the dirvers from the Acer CD, the WLAN is not getting installed.

    even more sad is that i cannot find any support online for this problem.

    hope this gets resolved Asap.

    Nishant Batra

  43. Chandru

    i have bought aspire4710 laptop and upgraded to 2GB RAM… installed winXP.. everything working well.. i am satisfied with this model… DONT KNOW WHY most of d people saying sound card, blue tooth, wifi problems they have…?

  44. rumit

    i have bought an acer aspire 4720z notebook and have got genuine windows xp home edition loaded as OS on it. I am not able to load the sound audio driver as provided alongwith the notebook. how can i load the sound driver? what should i do?

  45. ALKS

    I am planning to buy Acer aspire 4710 z today. pls advise if this is a good choice.

  46. Nazia

    I bought Acer 4710z…can anybody tell me here to get empowering tech

  47. Rama Reddy

    I bought Aspire 4720Z with xp loaded on it alongwith office 2003 three days back. It is over heating. Two times the screen is locked and cursor was not moving. I have to switch off and restart. I was playing the VCD and in the middle of the movie again it stoped and I have to switch off and restart.
    If anybody knows the reason, can they post as how to overcome this problem. I still need to check with other features. May be I will come back later.

  48. Sanjay

    Mr Shah,

    my friend is planning to buy Acer 4710 but need XP on that is it possible

    let me know

  49. saurav

    please advise me where i can find a suitable sound driver for acer 4710.

  50. Afranio

    i have bought an acer aspire 4720z notebook and have got genuine windows xp home edition loaded as OS on it. I am not able to load the sound audio driver as provided alongwith the notebook. how can i load the sound driver? what should i do?

  51. Shahzad

    I purchased a new acer, aspire 4710. everything is fine, but when I click the bluetooth button, it says “No Bluetooth Found”. Can you pls giude me what to do either to install any driver, if yes, how! Thanks in advance, Shahzad

  52. Arijit

    hey folks,

    i bought the 4710 some 4 months back and got XP installed on it. All the devices are working perfectly on it. though i got some problem with the inbuilt mic when doing a voice chat. checked with the other laptops… same problem with them too….
    so am quite satisfied with it.

    those who have installed the XP and need drivers ….. u can get them at

    in case of any queries please post back….. i initially faced some problems with installing drivers …. but now i am sailing smooth

  53. ram

    hellow, i bought Acer 4710z last month, i got a proble, sometimes the computer does not boo and give the message, “operating system not installed” there are no CDs of USB attached at that time. After sometime if i restart it works fine. can any body give me a solution ?

  54. ankit

    hell,i have acer aspire 4710 z,but i didnt found empowering technology on my system &also my system is not turning off after i gave turn off command.please help me

  55. bulbul

    Hi I’ve XP installed in my acer 4710z.could you suggest me if i should go in for vista???& if its better than XP if yes can i install it myself???Also tell me the difference between the two

  56. agus

    I have 4520 when I try install driver sound, but the driver did not match

  57. Karamjeet

    hi i m Karamjeet,
    i m planning to buy a acer aspire 4710z. kindly tell me should i go for this product or not. i m going to use xp on it, but as i had gone through the users comments the drivers are not available for XP.
    kindly give the best report.

  58. roland

    my new acer 4310 spire won’t play dvd any body could give an advice what should i do thanks

  59. JaDe

    I have this acer 4710z…n i’ve installed bluetooth drivers, inspite, it says ‘no device found or it is turned off’…
    wat do i do?

  60. Kristian

    i have an aspire 4310 working well for almost a year now. it is running on vista ultimate 32-bit edition. at first, my unit was very sluggish and programs tend not to respond very well. so i upgraded my RAM, i had an additional 1 GB of RAM installed and it works really good now(1.5 GB total). i had no problems with the drivers coz this laptop is really intended for vista and not for xp. i really love my aspire 4310. it is very affordable at an entry level. for me, this is the best deal if you are looking for a simple laptop with great functionalities. the wifi technology of acer really rocks, coz it can detect wireless network even outside the usual range. GO BUY AN ACER LAPTOP!!!
    for better performance:
    1. upgrade your RAM (you need money for this)
    2. defrag your hard drive (all you need is patience)
    3. do a regular disk scanning (patience again)
    4. run your antivirus and antispyware regularly
    5. install available updates for better performance
    these were just some simple steps in improving performance on a computer. sadly, most of it were taken for granted….

    note: treat your laptop like your pet so that it will respond to you better…
    hav a nice day!!!

  61. Dhinagaran.T

    Hai, i have acer aspire 4710z model and this is bluetooth and m.card reader inbuilt laptop, hence i could not able to use this. now what to do

  62. bubbanewf

    sound probs on 4720z with xp?

    install microsoft uaa bus. Then it helps install of your acer system devices but when come to hi def audio, exit and install realtek hda from its install routine.


  63. saurabh

    i am facing the problem with aspire 4710 from morning display is not coming in my laptpop what should i do tell me

  64. Priyanka

    Hi have an Acer Aspire 4710z with 1 GB RAM and Intel Core Duo, Is it advisabe to insatll Vista in it?

  65. sabeena

    i am facing a problem in using ma newly brought acer aspire 4720Z. i cant do voice chatting and talk through could i get a solution 4 this… is that the pin hole for headsets is not working or some thing needed to install..
    plz dooooo give me a solution

  66. roshan

    hai, i am using Aspire 4710z .i have install media centre sp2 .but i have shutdown problem .

    can any one tell what to do ?

  67. ANKUR

    i am installing suse linux 10 on acer 4270z laptop, but it is unable to detect the cd-rom and hard disk,what should i do……….
    plz give me some solution.

  68. Nilesh verma

    i am using aspire 4710z with 1GB RAM & Intel core Duo Laptop .As it advisabe to install vista in it?

  69. FRANK

    i am having a problem with my aspire 4710.When i put it on the screen cant light and in about 10seconds it goes off.what the problem please,i really klike the accessories of this laptop its very sexy but weak.

  70. steve

    im steve frm mumbai..planz 2 buy laptop 4 my programming purpose since im doin IT graduate 4 my budget is less than 40000/-..plz help me find good configuration laptop which’ll help me uses j2ee base since it required sm configuration 2 work out..thanx in advance..ive zeroed on Compaq Presario V6700TX series and HP Pavilion dv6700z series!!!duno if its actualy good.. heard sm news dat acer has heating problems…plz suggest me which 1 2 go 4 if u have any latest news about other laptop !!!thanx in advance!!

  71. Raj

    Hi Friends,
    I hv Aspire 4710z.Recently I hv formatted ma machine but I cudnt download the drivers.I am struggling so plz if some having the drivers kindly send it to me,ma mail id is

    Thank u friends.



  72. Rakesh Singh

    Hi Mates,

    I have aspire 4710 laptop. Currently I have XP oertaing system runnibg on that. I want to install linux also on there. When I tried to install linux it shows a error message : No hard drives found” Even I have a blank partion on hard drive .

    Can you please help me in this.

    Thank You

  73. yosi

    hi, every body i have install XP on my 4710 and a get all of driver, and now my XP is running well with complete detected harware.

  74. sumesh

    hi i have acer aspire 4710z but i didnot found Empowering technology on my system
    pls help

  75. Tamoor

    hi friends,

    i had Acer Aspire 4310 and Windows Vista installed on it and want to install WinXP tried lot of times but unsucessful,

    “it says no hard disk found”

    is it possible to install if yes,
    can u help me please,

  76. Emran

    dear all for acer 4310 plz download black windows u dont need to worried about ur driver u can setup all driver with empowering technology i am using black xp and running perfect with vista theme

  77. rock

    Hello people,

    my acer 4310 was attacked by virus.
    i try to format it but it says “no hard disk found”.
    could please somebody help me.

  78. MohanT


    Am writing this using an acer 4710 loaded with KUBUNTU 7.10 (the KDE version of UBUNTU linux). Yes, initial install was simple. However I had to a number of configurations to make some extras work:
    a) inbuilt mic / webcam will not work – had to fiddle with kmix and krec to get the mic work. Webcam works only with kopete (an IM).
    b) HEATING PROBLEM exists horribly! Just under the left palm even as one types!
    Can anyone HELP identify the problem so it can be fixed. I opened the back cover to check what was there underneath – nothing much could be located.
    c) I had upgraded my RAM to 2 GB at purchase – and discovered the screws holding the harddisk etc are missing (Kindly check yours — two of the four will be there, other 2 will be missing – dangerous!) Acer’s QA folks (BLR) were non-chalant and did not care at all. Anyhow I got a local fellow to fit it up!
    d) I refused to buy any laptop with dead pixels! Got the acer folks to replace mine (discovered within 2 hours of purchase, I had a HORRIBLE time getting to talk to the ACER Management to replace my unit (* I asked – would they put such an unit on display in their showrooms? If so, why this bad customer treatment? I told I shall blog everywhere about acer’s problems… and they obliged – sometimes it works).
    e) My WIFI setup does not work in Kubuntu 7.10 – I have not fully tried the fixes given – has anyone succeeded?

    My MAIN CONCERN/WORRY is the overheating problem! CAN SOMEONE HELP / SUGGEST A WAY OUT? Are acer folks worldwide listening?


  79. Raju

    Hi this is Raju
    I have one Aspire 4310 laptop bying just 4months dont use this any body want laptop how much u can give
    thank u

  80. Prashant

    Hi ..
    1. whats the problem with your aspire 4310
    2. how much you expect
    reply as early

  81. sugeng rahmat

    hi guys, i’ve problem with acer 4710.

    after reinstall os win xp, there is no hardware driver can be installed.

    thx b4.

  82. ak

    acer 4710z drivers for web cam for 2003 server. Can any one help?

  83. Kristian

    dont install xp on new laptops. vista is better than xp. the 4310 and 4710 were meant for vista os and not for xp. why dont you go with the changes of our technology? why are you too afraid to take the change? go with vista!!! it is a lot better here… im a satisfied vista user… because i know how to use my computer and maintain a good system… learn to do that and you will be happy…

  84. sukiman

    i need help. i install windows xp to my notebook Acer Aspire 4310. After installation, the wireless driver cannot support the xp os. What should i do…..?

  85. vidyananda

    hello my dear lot lot friends i want to buy new 1 lap top but i rearly use to the net so i want to sumbudys suggession please suggest to me on my mail my buggedt is 700 us. please sugest to good quality of the lap top which is easyly asses to inter my e mail .

  86. reddy

    i have acer (aspire 4720) laptop. my system sound is not working

  87. aril

    plz i need to get the latest realtek high definition audio for aspire 4710..
    i use xp..

  88. Ravi

    while watching videos or switching on the laptop , the screen becomes fullly white and nothing appears in the screen.where are the service centers in new delhi area please suggest.

  89. ash

    i ahve an acer 4710 and i want a winodws xp .. and when i start to boot from the cd this msg appear
    Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in you computer.
    Make sure any hard drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that disk –related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer –supplied diagnostic or setup program.
    and i didn’t find any comment bout sata in the bious section .. well u help me please..
    coz i need to work on the pc..

  90. Rodrigues

    I bought an Acer Aspire 4720z in the month of April. Last month the sound stop working . I cannot hear an music. I tried calling the toll free number 1800116677 but I received no response. I am only kept on hold. How do I lodge a complain? Also the Service centre refuses to help without a complain number. Please help.

  91. Rodrigues

    The sound system of my Acer Aspire 4720z notebook has failed. Toll free no does not answer the call, I’m only kept on hold. Please help.

  92. Abhishek

    i have acer aspire 4710
    when i press e button a erroe comes
    “system cannot find the file specifien”
    help me plz

  93. Abhishek

    Rodrigues i think you should try to reinstall the sound driver

  94. Aghera Parag

    i have a acer aspire 4710z laptop.
    this laptop is provide me the digital dolby sound this is like me.
    thank you acer.

  95. Azaan

    i have an acer aspire 4710 running win xp on it my wi fi is not working when i press the wi fi button it just says enabled and then press it again it says disabled but the light does not come on what to do?

  96. Arijit

    Hi folks,

    My Acer 4710 is around 1 year and 1 month old…. and i do loads with it… In fact when i am not in office, i am with it and that would be some 12 hours on weekdays and around 24 hours on weekends .. doing some heavy programming…. playing games…like NFS or using Photoshop or watching movies … listening songs and what not….i think i covered everything….

    the rest of the time it simply uploads and downloads…. i keep on tweaking the WinXP that i got installed on it and revert back to the originals when i have had enough…

    the laptop has had a free fall from about 3 feet to hard concrete floor about 3 times in this last year and i am still using the originals… touch wood… without any problems….

    there are a few drawbacks though … which are again covered up by the loads of good features that this 14.1 inch 2.6 kg has !!!! the heating up is there… the sound quality… and the shorter battery life (i easily get around 2 hours +/- 10-20 mins doing the usual stuff)…. the sound doesnt sound too bad either if you use a headphone or earplug… after all laptops are not meant for entertaining you always [;)]…

    coming to the 4710 problems posted here for Win XP:
    1. Wi-Fi: Use the Intel driver from the download site mentioned in some of the posts above
    2. Empowering technology: Use the driver for Acer 5920 …. select your make and go ahead !!!

    @ Ash…. hope your problem is resolved by now…. if not … get a bootable WinXP CD… you need to format your C:. Try to keep the partition as FAT 32. If that doesnt work out…. i think you need to go to an ACER MALL technician…. who will take out the HDD and format the desired partition from some other system…. by the way… did you check your booting sequence on the BIOS? when you see the acer white screen press F2 function key… make the CD/DVD drive your first option and HDD as the 2nd…. hope this helps

    @ Azaan…. i hope to have solved your query… Use the Intel Driver for WiFi on WinXP.

    Honestly speaking…. WinXP is a let better than Vista…. Vista doesnt support many softwares like Oracle 10g… and many more and GOSH……. look at the space it takes….
    Go On with WinXP…. and if you have any queries on Acer Aspire 4710 with WinXP…. leave a post here … i will try my best to resolve it….

    BUT BUT BUT….. if you are not too sure of tweaking…. DONT….

    I too had to spend sometime collecting all the drivers and making all the buttons work…. and now its smooth sailing….
    why go for toll free numbers when you can be your own technician????

  97. xamath

    hi, my name zamath, i am from maldives. i have problem with wifi drivers in my acer 4310. in vista its working but in xp its not working. i tried it but i cant find it correct drivers for it. some body help me forthis

  98. Victor

    @Zamath, …. I think you need to unintall all the drivers that you have installed for wi fi. Then you need to go to any of the support sites for acer 4310… europe or philipines…. download the wireless_Intel driver for winXP and … that should do it….
    acer supports only atheros, broadcom and intel drivers only for wi fi…

    so… hope that solves your problem…

  99. rahul

    i hv a acer aspire 4710z .its really woking good but dere z a big problem in lap it cannot be shutdown. when i press the power button thei become shutdown and also i can not use my wireless facility.

    so any plzzzzzzz help me that how i overcome with thish problem.

    plzzzzzzz help me …….

  100. dev

    i am having Acer 4710 but this is the worst in class by performance i must say.

  101. Raj

    when i insert dvd then system hangs.
    so i am not able to perform the read or write operation

  102. nick

    don’t buy an acer they are junk!! i just got an aspire 4520 and i am going to smash it it locks up and the mose takes off and i am fed up…. it’s new nothing installed on it other then windows and it’s nothing but issues i am smashing it and throwing it out the window… my advice is don’t buy acer crap!!! this is the worst compute i have ever owned…. and i have 16 other laptops dating back to 386 machines and everyone is better then this junker!!

  103. allie

    Hello,i have the aspire 4520 and so far except for some minor problems like the jumping cursor and bad sound everything’s fine. however, i do notice that the cd drive or maybe the software(?) seem to have a problem. i hardly use it coz either the media player would suddenly freeze or it will have an error message. today, while watching a dvd it suddenly froze and then the cd drive wont respond anymore. it wont even open so that i could at least take out the cd! does anyone have any idea what’s wrong? im not techie so can somebody help me. thanks!

  104. harsha

    iamlooking to buy a laptop for personal purpose,please help me in choosing the right 1,my budget is 35,000/-

    thanks in advance



  105. Aryan


    i am having acer 4710z lappy and i have lost my driver CD

    will anyone be able to help me in getting the drivers from online so that i could install the required drivers..

    please help.. thank you in advance

  106. vishnu

    could you please tell me that what is the use of the e key placed right top corner i aspire 4720Z laptop?
    please help me as soon as possible……….

  107. pia

    hi there can u please help and teach me how to install vista to a no operating system laptop. i just bought it 2 days ago since it has no OS i need to install vista. but i dont know how.HELP

  108. manjunath

    i am looking to buy a cheaper laptop for personal purpose
    my budget is rs 12000/ -15000/-pls help me

  109. its dinesh

    i am using aspire 4310 i lost my driver cd to my laptop.were can i get it an how can i dwnload from net.kindely if u know any information let me know its urgent.

  110. Masud

    Hello I am Masud from Bangladesh.I have also a Aspire 4310 for last 1 and half year…but recently the charger of that leptop is not responding…I contacted with the dealer but they charge 7500 tk for a new charger…so I think that the amount is too I right? now I am very much worried about that issue.

  111. Ziaul

    I have Acer-4730Z laptop with linux operating system, can it support MS XP SP-2 operating system on it without any trouble?

  112. pankaj

    hi ,
    my acer is
    is 4710z and its 15 months since i bought it the problem is yhat my charger is not working and come to know that its not reparable ,tell that from where can i get origna l charger for my laptop and is it reparable , and one common problem how to increase battery backup its only 1 hr for my lappy .and tell from where to downlioad empowering software for my laptop.?

  113. jacelle

    hi… im planning to buy laptop.. however, im not quite sure of the brand and specs… i really want to have an acer laptop… can u guyz help me choose the best acer laptop at a reasonable price…

  114. Geethu

    my acer 4710z bluetooth is not working properly. Where can i get the required bluetooth driver. please help.

  115. muzaffar

    I hav acer aspire 4710 with pre loaded vista and 120gb sata hdd, i want to install xp over this but unable to do so, eachtime i try to do so i get a message that ‘no hdd found’. I tried the F6 option for installling hdd device driver through usb fdd also but problem still the same.
    problem seems with bios but it is not updating through the download available on acer site.
    can any body help on this??????

  116. Isha

    I have acer aspire 4710. i get problem to turning on.
    yesterday i did Defragment to disk drive nd i couldnt be able to shut down.. nd today morning i cant it turn on.
    please help me .what should i do?

  117. rj

    i have plenty problems with my acer aspire 4310, 1). the built-inwebcam most of the time malfunction, and i cnt even use while chatting. 2). the dvd rom no lnger working which i do not know why, 3). its so very fast to become hot, 5-10 minutes after i switch on its become hot which cause to shut down even when i am in airconditioned room.
    anybody who can help me on this,

  118. vhern

    hey guys,
    For acer drivers, you can download it to their website.. if you are using Windows Vista, just update the windows update features of your VISTA, and one click, the Vita OS will automatically download and install the driver for your laptop, without downloading the driver from acer website..

    Hope it will help..

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