Milagrow WheeMe body massage robot price tagged at under Rs. 10,000

Milagrow WheeMe

The Milagrow WheeMe body massage robot has been introduced for those who wish to ‘stimulate their nervous systems and improve blood circulation’ right from comfort of their homes. According to the company, this palm-sized gadget is the first of its kind in the country. It is meant for people above the age of five.

As the name suggests, the gadget has been designed for gently caressing and massaging the body, a task for which it is deployed with a sensor technology. This sensor helps the device to maintain a firm grip over the body while massaging and avoid falling off. It does its work autonomously, without more than the basic human intervention for turning it on or off and setting the program.

The WheeMe is outfitted with fingerettes and silicon wheels that can produce a soft vibration and stroke the body gently. According to Milagrow, it is suitable for senior citizens, overworked students, working women and high flying executives amongst others. The easy-to-use device works in three different modes that are vibrating, tickling and dancing.

Tiny antennae have been fitted onto the robot. These give the impression that someone is tickling the skin with their finger nails. Moreover, users are not required to turn this device off as it stops automatically after 15 minutes. Those who need to start it again can choose to turn it on its back and once again place it on its wheels on their bodies for another session of massage. As the person doesn’t need to hit buttons when it stops, they can continue to relax without the hassles of putting the device on and off time and again.

The Milagrow WheeMe body massage robot carries a price tag of Rs. 9,990 and is backed by a one-year warranty.