Sony PS2 Price Slashes to Rs 6,990 in India


Price drops matter a lot in Indian markets. Lesser the price, more the sales!

Sony PS2

Generally, gaming consoles carry a big price tag. That is the reason there are limited editions of next-gen consoles such as Sony PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

Today, Sony announced the price cut of the slim and light-weight Sony PS2 in India.

This will surely help to boost its sales.

Sony offers over 1,400 cool games, DVD videos and audio CDs. The true gamers will experience wide variety of games in an affordable price.

It also features Dolby Digital AC-3 and DTS sound capabilities along with friction and environmental elements that produce accurate physical simulations and high-resolution 3D graphics.

The Sony PlayStation 2 console will carry a price tag of Rs. 6,990 starting today and will be available at all leading entertainment, music and consumer electronic stores.

19 Responses

  1. mandy

    thats great, i hope sony also slashes the prices of games also…

  2. rasik

    atleast say what all do we get at 6990. why do u people hide the other cost factors like seperate cost for controllers ,taxes,etc.

  3. Bobin

    Wow nice i’m thinking of buying mine also after cottectining money 4 it.

  4. Zaid

    I think that the price has gone down but it should be gone down a bit more for about Rs.5000

  5. Zaid

    I think that the price has gone down but it should gone down a bit more foe about Rs.5000

  6. Raj

    HI ,
    i am intrested in ps2 but please give me full information of this product. because some of my friend told me this product also helps as dvd player, if this product is really like this so mail me. i am going to buy it.

  7. SUNIT

    As I Know The Real Price Of Sony Play Station 2 Is Now 5990/-…………..

    And I Hope u All Guys Can Buy

    Coz iam going to buy………………..

  8. Jatin

    Acctually the price of ps2 is Rs 5990 With 1 or maybe 2 free games with it. And it will me permenently out of the market before yr 2010 starts. It isnt a much good if u want a real gaming monster, but at that price it is a value for money product, it will also let u ply ur DVD on it and dont forget it was above Rs 10000 just a year back.

  9. adarsh

    it is avery cool thing to buy . it has gone to cheaper price but every one wants it to go more cheaper price . everyone wants it to com down to 5000 6000 . i hope that it’s prices will come down to 5000 or 6000 . if it will come to 5000 or 6000 surly, 100% it’s sales gonna reach the sky . iam going to buy it on my birthday . if it comes down to 5000 or 6000 .

  10. Rahul

    its a cool thing …. i wanna know abt all of its features & will it have a warranty or not ……. I also want to abt the exact price of PS2 with an Hard disk(80),,,,,kindly mail me the information so that I can Buy it…..

  11. adarsh

    i need more details on ps2 cz here in my city its a different story, even one of my friend is in lurch with its hardware.

  12. swati

    hi,i want to knw wat u all provide wid ps2 and do u give only 1 controller wid ps2 i need to buy d 2nd controller??n hw many games do u provide wid it.or ha one most imp thng d Price factor.wats d exact price 4 it? waitin 4 ur reply.swati

  13. Prateek

    please tell me wat is the price range of god of war in sony ps2

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