Nintendo Presents Pikachu Theme DS System


Nintendo Pikachu DS System Nintendo has announced yet another DS, the popular handheld game console, though it would be a limited edition. This time they have planned to release the device with the well-known Pokémon brand and everyone’s favourite Pikachu yellow paintjob.

For purchasing this yellow Pokémon DS system, the consumer has to visit one of the five Pokémon Centers in Japan between June 1 and July 1. They need to fill in an application to “win” a chance to buy one. Winners will be notified by mail if they’ve been selected as the lucky buyer.

But the twist in the tale, the consumer has to spend their money on the costly system. The Nintendo Pokémon DS system costs around 16,800 yen (Rs. 5,585). This offer is restricted to Japan only. There is a chance that, some consumers might put the on eBay to make a lot of money.

However, the it seems that the unique concept will not probably attract the Pikachu fans because of the price.

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  1. jason

    my girlfriend and i SWEAR we saw these at toys r us last summer. what’s the deal!? i can’t find any info about these in the US at any time, anywhere!

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