6 Best Slim Phones

6 Best Slim Phones

We couldn’t help but take a look at the best slim phones currently setting the tech world ablaze with their svelte profiles. There may be times when a lot of folks think slim figures are overrated. However, in case of the devices chalked out below, we are simply impressed by the kind of functionalities fitted within their trim bodies. Adding to this allure is the fact that most of the candidates featuring in our list are smartphones embedded with the latest technologies. So here is a glimpse of the six contenders who prefer losing some figures on the measuring scale just to get your attention.

1 – Apple iPhone 4S:

Apple iPhone 4S

You might think that this upgraded version is just as slim as its original edition, the iPhone 4. However, while maintaining the 9.3mm depth which is fairly slimmer than the former variants covering the 3GS, 3G and others, the new Apple iPhone 4S brings in several new features as well. The handset weighs only 140g and sports a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen with Retina display. The fresh attirbutes in this one include iOS 5, iCloud, iMessage and so on. The rear panel exhibits an 8MP camera with auto focus and LED flash. The price of the device varies from around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000, depending on the memory capacity you prefer.

2 – Samsung Galaxy Note:

Samsung Galaxy Note

Many among us crave the level of skinniness in our handset to render it pocket-friendly and easy to port around. But that is only in case of the depth. You won’t us catch us complaining about a big screen. Because a bigger display size also seems to augment our interactive experience with the vivid interface in question. It looks like a certain South Korean OEM sensed precisely that when designing the Samsung Galaxy Note with an accompanying stylus. Not as big as a slate, but not a standard smartphone either, this one maintains an impressively slim profile at 9.65mm considering its 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen. The big star from the Galaxy is bound to set you back by close to Rs. 34,350.

3 – Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S:

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S

Competing with the five other contenders in our list of slim phones is the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S with an 8.7mm profile. The device exudes style and seems like a nice fit if you are looking for some svelte and chic arm candy. But good looks don’t mean you have to compromise on the technical aspects. The arc S will also take care of the geeky side of your persona. It is embedded with a 1.4GHz processor and an 8.1MP Exmor R CMOS sensor. Offered at approximately Rs. 28,000, you can pick your choice from classy shades like pure white, gloss black, misty silver, midnight blue, and even sakura pink.

4 – LG Optimus Black:

LG Optimus Black

We have never really heard the LG Optimus Black boasting about this aspect of its personality. But that does not mean we could leave it out from the best slim phones compilation. Most of us have read about its 10.16cm 700-nit IPS LCD Nova display, but its depth of 9.2mm is also worth taking note of. Other than this, the technical specifications of the Black divulge a 5MP primary camera supported by a 2MP front facing one, a 1500mAh battery which offers talk time of approximately 16 hours. It can also survive standby time of up to 455 hours. The price tag wrapped around the Optimus Black reads around Rs. 18,200.

5 – Motorola Razr:

Motorola Razr

Sometime last year, a Motorola puppy called Spyder was spotted in the wild. Of course, no one could affirm whether the device would see the light of the day, back then. But it did and pretty pompously too. It garnered some of that attention by touting to be the slimmest handset in existence. Irrespective of whether that is true or not, we were having no second thoughts about including this device in our slim phones roster. After all, we don’t witness every second gadget showing off a 7.1 mm profile. The phone was announced for Indian fans quite a while ago. If you have enough patience and a budget of Rs 35,990, the sleek phone could be yours soon.

6 – Samsung Galaxy S II:

Samsung Galaxy S II

Before the Razr could slash some more markings off the depth scale, the Samsung Galaxy S II had earned popularity as one of the thinnest smartphones. The slimmest point of this handset measures 8.49mm. Currently operating on Gingerbread, the device is reportedly preparing for an ICS upgrade. Its 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touch display further enhances the slim design. Embedded with a dual core application CPU, the smartphone offers fairly quick multi-tasking, fast web browsing sessions, smooth video playback and more. The 2MP front facing snapper supports a primary 8MP one with auto focus and LED flash features. You can grab the Galaxy S II for a price of almost Rs. 32,450.

So these were the six vying for your attention as the top contender among the best slim phones. Which one would you prefer shelling out the cold hard cash for? Do tell us about it.