6 Best Dual SIM Phones in India

Those boggled by the flourishing dual SIM category to hunt down that perfect fit could soothe their nerves by dipping into our list of 6 Best Dual SIM Phones in India. Skim through the list and narrow down your search to pocket that perfect device.

6 Best Dual SIM Phones

1 – Samsung Chat 322:

One of the first few dual SIM phones to sport a QWERTY keypad, the stylish Samsung Chat 322 comes across as a handset that most people would want to own. The touch-sensitive trackpad adds to the intuitive user interface while the smart homescreen allows personalization. Most mobile devices are incomplete without the integration of a social media and this handset takes the cake with instant access to as many as six SNS links. So grab the Samsung Chat 322 to keep in touch with family and friends. It surely won’t break the bank with an affordable price tag of Rs. 3,790.

2 – Samsung Champ Duos:

Samsung Champ Duos Splashed in hues of black, white and metallic silver, this dual SIM brings in the touch enabled functionality. It lets users select the SIM card to be used with a hit on the push button. At a price tag that reads Rs. 4478, the phone will especially attract music enthusiasts with the incorporated Sound Alive 3D technology which transmits 3D sound effects. The Touchwiz Lite 2.0 user interface complements the 2.6-inch touchscreen. And need we mention it will keep you entertained with its various capabilities.

3 – Spice Mi-270:

Spice Mi 270 Next on our list of the 6 Best Dual SIM Phones in India is the Spice Mi-270 which almost seems like a replacement for smartphone without an exorbitant price tag. The slab featuring a 2.8-inch multitouch display crams in the Google Android Froyo platform. The bar phone employs a 2MP shooter with digital zoom and offers most multimedia functions like radio, music player and more. So if you want to avail of high-end smartphone attributes at the price of a feature phone, we suggest go for this Spice offering at Rs. 5,699.

4 – Nokia C2-03:

Nokia C2-03 Out of the assortment of dual SIM phones released by Nokia in India, we think the C2-03 deserves to feature in our list. The key attraction of the phone being affordability, it has a unique ability to remember settings of up to five different SIM cards. What’s more, inserting SIM cards is no more a hassle with the Easy Swap feature and the SIM card slot at the side. The touch and type phone is fitted with a slider keypad for flexibility of input options. Pre-loaded with about 10 apps, the Nokia C2-03 could be yours for a price close to Rs. 5,000.

5 – LG P520:

LG P520 Described as the ultimate dual SIM phone, the device is yet another one in the category to feature dedicated SNS client along with MSN messenger to facilitate online chatting at all times. Encased in a lustrous metallic exterior, it displays widgets on the multitouch homescreen for swift functionality. Besides quick web access through Opera 5, it employs a 2MP snapper with functions like digital zoom, continuous shot and video shooting. Needless to say it is integrated with music player supporting different formats and FM radio. The feature-rich LG P520 phone will set you back by Rs. 7,000.

6 – Motorola Milestone XT800:

Motorola Milestone XT800 The final device to be included in our list is for those who do not want to compromise on high-end functions. This full-fledged smartphone is the first Milestone device to boast of dual SIM functionality. The curvaceous chassis lined with shining silver chrome and luxurious appearance will add to your style quotient even further. The Android-powered slab is replete with multimedia functionalities like multi format music player in addition to business attributes which allow editing office documents. This multitasking device is being offered at Rs. 18,889 through LetsBuy.

The attractive combination of affordability and attributes is sure to make you want one as we draw a curtain over the 6 Best Dual SIM phones in India. So which of these has managed to impress you the most?