Linksys Announces Wireless-G Home Router in India

Wireless-G Home Router (WRH54G)

Today, Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems announced the Wireless-G Home Router (WRH45G) in India. The device comes with an intelligent dual antenna and is specially designed for wireless networking.

Major features of Made For India labeled Wireless-G router are:

  • Speed of up to 54Mbps
  • Friendly control of Internet Access that allows users to monitor and control usage broadband facility
  • A flexible Wireless radio Control
  • Built-in web based wizard
  • According to Sanjeev Gupta, regional Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Linksys, “Powered by the innovative technologies being made available by Linksys, we are committed to providing customers with easy-to-use, stable and highly secure wireless solutions which address customers’ needs.”

    He further said,”WRH54G is designed for Indian users, who want flexibility and a cost-eefective way to adopt wireless broadband. It will help accelerate the deployment of wireless broadband network in India while further strengthening Linksys’ leadership in the Indian market.”

    The Wireless-G router also gives freedom to users to connect wire-based networking through an internal 4-port full duplex 10/100 Ethernet switch.

    The new Linksys Wireless-G Home Router, WRH54G is now available in the Indian market at the price of Rs. 2299.

    8 Responses

    1. ANKIT

      Dear Sir,
      I want full knowledge of your model as i wanted this to view live metal (gold) prices with dollar exchange rate , to view MCX.
      Kindly reply me

    2. Imran Khan

      Oh shit,

      I have beeen duped by a dealer. He gave this router for Rs. 4000. I should have cross checked the price on internet.

    3. Dishu

      Respected Sir,
      I hv Linksys wirlessG-Home Router MODEL NO.WRH54G
      i hv data one modem (POP Connection) and hv 10 computer how can i provide internet through router. please tell me approprite sollution.

    4. Rama Rao


      can u tell, which is the best usefull wireless router for me, as i need this only at residence. and how much distance it will cover at what rate of data transmissin.

    5. B N Goyal

      Is it possible to get the coloured wire (for connecting the router to the computer) in a full length size like one meter or more etc. I have got the Lynksys system and I use it for desktop and laptop both. Since the laptop is another room, some time the connection is not through. I am told that disconnection is due to the wall checking the laptop and the router. So I should place the router openly beyond the wall. For that purpose I need the lengthy wire. Shall be grateful for an early reply…..thanks ,,,

    6. vivek sureka

      Respected Sir,
      I want to install wireless network for home purpose but i am unable to choose the right wifi router for my cable broadband service. so i heard about LINKSYS wifi router. so i want to buy the this linksys broadband router
      and i m getting charged higher prices of this router
      Pls Help

      vivek sureka

    7. Geet Vekhande

      Please tell me how do check my warranty status of WRH54G wireless router.

      The router is not working. IS there any link so i can log the call to linksys.


    8. Danish

      Hi Dishu, first of all connect your modem and router with a straight CAT5 or Cat6 cable. Insert one end connector to your modem’s LAN port and the other end to your router’s WAN port. Go the the router’s configuration by typing the appropriate IP that is printed on the box of router. By default or in most cases it should be Once you enter into the web based setup, go to WAN and enter the IP, Subnet mask, default gateway, DNS and alternate DNS server that was given by DataOne. Go to LAN and set the DHCP enabled. This will enable your router to share the internet connection with Wi-Fi ready devices like Laptops, PSPs or PS3s. As you said you’ve 10 PCs, you need to use a ethernet switch because of the routers or some modems have only 4 ethernet ports. Use a 16 ports switch and connect a cross-over cable between your router and your switch. Now simply connect your PCs to the switch. Please make sure that all the PCs or Wifi devices need to be setup as “Automatically Assigned IPs” means don’t enter any IPs in your PCs or your Wifi devices. Just let the system assign it automatically.

      You’re connected now. You can use the internet as well as you will also be able to share your resources between all the PCs and Wifi devices. If you’ve still any doubt, please feel free to let me know.

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