Smart Board V280 Interactive WhiteBoard Unveiled in India

Smart Board V280

We had recently reported about the Panasonic Elite Panaboard interactive whiteboard that was launched in India to new advanced educational experience.

Likewise, Smart Technologies has come out with its latest interactive whiteboard in the Indian market that is desinged to improve the learning for students in regions challenged, ensuring a quality ICT-enabled education. Dubbed as the Smart Board V280, the latest gizmo acts as a whole-class teaching and learning tool, enabling educators and students to utilize and control their computers and multimedia application such as Internet, CDs, DVDs as well as other functions that support Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Adopting 21st-century education technology, the interactive whiteboard lets users write notes on the 77-inc surface with a digital ink and save it to access whenever required. An ergonomic pen, which is powered by an AAA battery, is also included to flawlessly write on and control the product. It is said that contacting the board with a hand while writing does not hinder the pen’s operation.

“Technology can help close the digital divide by providing access to a 21st-century education. The SMART Board V280 interactive whiteboard offers a viable option for areas of the world that want the benefits of SMART’s award-winning products at a more affordable cost,” commented Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO.

Smart Technologies also bundles Notebook software along with the V280 whiteboard for users to carry forward few steps that makes it easy to perform tasks on the pen-driven whiteboard. This software shows compatibility with 41 languages, including Hindi. The software assists educators to develop and provide engaging and interactive lessons throughout all grades and subjects. Teachers will be able to access hundreds of lesson activities and helpful tools.

USB-powered Smart Board V280 can be connected to a computer via a single cable. It supports SMART products that include the Senteo interactive response system and the AirLiner wireless slate. It comes pre-installed with SMART’s DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology.

The SMART Board V280 interactive whiteboard is available in India for an estimated price of Rs 90,000.

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  1. masood kadri

    I want your representative to contact for your excellent product i am in need of this product for presentation..


  2. Rajendra

    I want to know if some other economical models have come in
    the maket. Can it be use for online education via internet..
    Please send me detail of prsent model available.
    R K Todi.

  3. Ramesh

    I want an economical model where only writing on the board and saving using computer for dispaying later is sufficient. I dont need any printing facility attached to the electronic interactive whiteboard. Please send information broucher and lowest price at which this item can be supplied. It may be wall mounting type if this option is available to minimise space requirement and to cut down the cost.

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