Genius DPF-151 Digital Photo Frame featuring an Alarm Clock, announced in India


Genius DPF-151 Digital Photo Frame Taiwan-based Genius has launched a 1.5-inch digital photo frame, named the Genius DPF-151. Surprisingly, the device comes with an alarm clock. We have always noticed that the main feature of the digital photo frame is to display photographs. However, Genius gets two functions together into one gadget, namely the alarm clock plus of course the digital photo frame.

The screen size of the frame is so small that it seems that the company was producing an alarm clock that had an add-on feature of showing images. This compact and portable frame saves the desk space and also makes downloading pictures from the computer easy. So, the owners can wake up with the alarm clock and view their favorite photos soon after they wake up.

“This beautifully styled digital frame with the additional alarm clock function just needs to be set before having an afternoon snooze so you could wake up on time. This 1.5-inch photo frame also displays a time readout and calendar functions with perfect ease. All of this makes the DPF-151 multifunctional frame the perfect item for your office desk to keep special memories close to you,” commented, Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, KYE Systems (India) Corp.

He continued, “What makes a cool gizmo? When it has style, class and great functionality they are worth looking into because they push digital technology to new levels.”

Genius DPF-151 has the ability to display photos manually or through auto slideshow. It also features CD-ROM Photo compression software, multi-language manual, set turn on/off time as well as real time clock, calendar and temperature display alarm.

Priced at Rs 1599, the Genius DPF-151 Digital Photo Frame is available from Transtek, Ingram Micro and Redington, nationwide.

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    Where can I find the DPF 151 in Pune, India.


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